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  • CT Duetto double pulley
    CT Duetto double pulley

    CT DUETTO DOUBLE PULLEY Light alloy twin pulley with fixed side plates.
    It allows Tyrolean traverses on ropes or cables and it is particularly indicated for use in the adventure parks.
    Up to 3 carabiners can be hooked in the large…

    € 59,95 € 49,95
  • Petzl JAG Rescue Kit
    Petzl JAG Rescue Kit

    PETZL JAG RESCUE KIT The Petzl Jag Rescue Kit is a ready-to-use reversible rescue kit designed for pick-off at elevation and lowering victims' checks. The 4: 1 hoist system offers the advantage that it takes less power to move a…

    € 574,75 € 349,00
  • Petzl SIROCCO
    Petzl SIROCCO

    PETZL SIROCCO MODEL BLACK Ultra-lightweight climbing and mountaineering helmet with reinforced protection

    The SIROCCO is designed to respond to the needs of climbers and mountaineers for reduced weight and for protection. Its…

    € 110,95 € 89,95
  • Petzl Scorpio Vertigo
    Petzl Scorpio Vertigo

    PETZL SCORPIO VERTIGO Via ferrata lanyard with VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiners, for users weighing 40 to 120 kg.
    ALSO TO RENTThe SCORPIO VERTIGO 2017 via ferrata lanyard is designed for users weighing 40 to 120 kg in compliance with…

    € 90,75
  • Edelrid Bulletproof karabiner
    Edelrid Bulletproof karabiner

    EDELRID BULLETPROOF CARABINER The Edelrid Bulletproof Carabiner hook is a hybrid carbine hook that combines the benefits of steel and aluminum. The Bulletproof is made of aluminum, with the exception of a steel reinforcement…

    € 13,95 € 11,99
  • Edelrid Boulder Brush
    Edelrid Boulder Brush

    EDELRID BOULDER BRUSH Stiff boulder brush for thorough cleaning and extra grip. At both ends of the stem is a brush in different sizes. Brush is delivered in a practical cigar-shaped storage tube.

    Brush normally used to brush the…

    € 4,95 € 3,50
  • Edelrid Iguazu II Spank Protector
    Edelrid Iguazu II Spank Protector

    EDELRID IGUAZU II SPANK PROTECTOR Ultra-robust seat protector for the Edelrid Iguazu II harness. This is only the protective cover for the Iguazu II harness. No harness included!

    Very durable!

    One size - one color

    € 45,00 € 39,75
  • Edelrid Irupu Spank Protector
    Edelrid Irupu Spank Protector

    EDELRID IRUPU SPANK PROTECTOR Spank protector for the Edelrid Irupu canyoning harness. This is only the protective cover for the Edelrid Irupu harness. No harness included!

    One size - one colour

    € 25,00 € 19,95
  • Edelrid Mini Rig
    Edelrid Mini Rig

    EDELRID MINI RIG Small, lightweight aluminium rigging plate suitable for extending from one to three anchor points.


    ∙ 6 mm thick
    ∙ Maximum breaking strength: 36 kN
    ∙ Hole diameter: 20 mm
    ∙ Central opening can…

    € 29,75 € 25,95
  • Edelrid Spiderpick
    Edelrid Spiderpick

    EDELRID SPIDERPICK These hardened steel shoe snow chains are perfect for all winter outdoor activities, also for use with ice canyoning and ice caving.

    • Enhanced grip on compact snow and hard ice
    • Suitable for all shoe…

    € 44,95 € 38,95
  • -25%

    Edelrid Race ice axe
    Edelrid Race ice axe

    EDELRID RACE ICE AXE The Edelrid Race ice axe is ideal for use in ski touring or in light climbing passages on ice and fine and perfect for ice canyoning due to its lightweight construction. Edelrid provides the cock with an…

    € 69,95 € 52,50
  • -30%

    Edelrid AID Climber
    Edelrid AID Climber

    EDELRID AID CLIMBER Adjustable foot loop ascender for conveniently ascending ropes. Four steps make it easy to overcome even difficult sections without having to adjust the length.


    ∙ 15 mm wide webbing
    ∙ Four…

    € 33,95 € 24,95
  • Edelrid Pro Step
    Edelrid Pro Step

    EDELRID PRO STEP Lightweight adjustable footstep, perfect for ascent on the fixed rope and for overcoming difficult passages. A wider foothold allows for a better distribution of the body weight. The Double-Back-Clip allows for an…

    € 24,95 € 19,95
  • AV Rochas Junior
    AV Rochas Junior

    AV ROCHAS JUNIOR Simple potholing overall for children and youth. Flexible and robust at the same time, made of 500D Cordura. The overall has a collar with a fleece lining. The suit has no hood and no reinforcements. On the…

    € 93,50 € 89,95
  • -25%

    Petzl Sum'Tec ice ax
    Petzl Sum'Tec ice ax

    PETZL SUM'TEC ICE AX The Sum'tec is a technical pickel having properties of a light ice ax.
    The point of this ice ax can be replaced and the handle is made of lightweight aluminum. Very light to carry along the canyoning in winter…

    € 149,95 € 112,50
  • Black Diamond Gizmo
    Black Diamond Gizmo

    BLACK DIAMOND GIZMO Compact, powerful and fully equipped, the Black Diamond Gizmo Headlamp arrested 90 lumens.

    ∙ 90 lumens
    ∙ 3 AAA batteries (included)
    ∙ Several fire teeth, maximum dimming and strobe.
    ∙ After 2 hours,…

    € 24,95 € 14,95
  • Petzl Club 10mm fixed lengths
    Petzl Club 10mm fixed lengths

    PETZL CLUB 10MM FIXED LENGTHS Semi-static 10 mm diameter rope designed for caving and canyoning, offers good "handling" and durability. Available in 40, 60, 70 and 200 meters in length, with a margin to compensate for rope…

    € 96,80 € 93,00
  • -25%

    Petzl Push 9.0 mm per meter of the role
    Petzl Push 9.0 mm per meter of the role

    PETZL PUSH 9.0 MM PER METER OF THE ROLE Semi-static 9 mm rope designed for independent caving and canyoning, offers good handling and excellent weight -tot- durability ratio.
    Available in addition to fixed lengths of 40, 60, 70…

    € 1,94 € 1,49
  • Petzl Club 10mm - 200 meter (roll)
    Petzl Club 10mm - 200 meter (roll)

    PETZL CLUB 10 MM - 200 M (ROLL) Semi-static 10 mm diameter rope designed for caving and canyoning, offers good "handling" and durability. Available in 200 meters in length and a meter including a margin to compensate rope…

    € 344,99 € 298,87
  • -20%

    Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration System
    Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration System

    KATADYN BEFREE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM With the BeFree™ Filter, you no longer have to worry about where your next drink will come from. Just fill up the flask and let the EZ-Clean Membrane™ do the work. Gently squeeze the…

    € 49,95 € 39,95
  • -17,5%

    Supai Matkat
    Supai Matkat

    SUPAI MATKAT The Supai Matcat is the big brother from Flatwater Canyon II. The XXL version features fat tubes for increased buoyancy and high transport capacity. Other dimensions (inner size etc) are identical to the Flatwater…

    € 429,00 € 353,95
  • -17,5%

    Supai Flatwater Canyon II
    Supai Flatwater Canyon II

    SUPAI FLATWATER CANYON II The Supai Flatwater Canyon II is an ultra lightweight trail boat that weighs just 690g - the lightest packraft on the market by a long margin. The Supai emphasises the ‘pack’ aspect of 'packrafting',…

    € 389,00 € 319,95
  • Leatherman Raptor Black (Scissors)
    Leatherman Raptor Black (Scissors)

    LEATHERMAN RAPTOR BLACK (SCISSORS) Of course, every worker has a pair of scissors in his equipment. We dare to say that every worker should wear the Raptor with him. Securely stowed in the plastic casing he barely noticeable hangs…

    € 109,95 € 92,95
  • Petzl Joko Y lanyard
    Petzl Joko Y lanyard

    PETZL JOKO Y LANYARD Petzl Joko Y is a symmetrical Y-shaped lanyard made from dynamic rope, ideal for example for rope courses and adventure parks.

    The lanyard is easy and safe to attach to the belt by means of an anchor bend.…

    € 27,95 € 19,95
  • -30%

    Seatosummit Ultra-Sil Padded Soft Cell
    Seatosummit Ultra-Sil Padded Soft Cell

    SEATOSUMMIT ULTRA-SIL PADDED SOFT CELL Padded Soft Cells are great for electronics and other delicate items that need a little more protection in your pack or bag. High-density, die-cut EVA foam encased in 30D Ultra-Sil® fabric…

    € 32,95 € 22,95
  • AustriAlpin Nemo
    AustriAlpin Nemo

    AUSTRIALPIN NEMO Specially formed figure-8 for canyoning and rope rescue.
    Lightweight construction.
    9 different grades of friction for rappelling.
    See documentation in manual.Loads up to 15kN.


    ∙ MAIN…

    € 23,95
  • Beal Pro Canyon 10,3mm Unicore
    Beal Pro Canyon 10,3mm Unicore

    BEAL PRO CANYON 10,3MM UNICORE This Beal Pro Canyon 10.3 mm canyoning rope has been specially adapted to the needs of professional guides. The extra thick sheath (43% sheath compared to 57% core) ensures good wear resistance, but…

    € 2,85 € 2,19
  • -20%

    Petzl Bongo hamer
    Petzl Bongo hamer

    PETZL BONGO HAMER Piton hammer For adventure climbing, aid climbing or for equipping new routes.

    Description∙ Rubber grip reduces vibrations
    ∙ Hole in shaft for attaching a keeper cord
    ∙ Hole in head for attaching a piton…

    € 61,64 € 49,95
  • Petzl captiv bracket for Am'D carabiner
    Petzl captiv bracket for Am'D carabiner

    PETZL CAPTIV BRACKET FOR AM'D CARABINER Bracket Petzl AM'D carabiners and keep the Petzl Rollclip in position. This prevents the rotation of the karabiner and ensures that this is loaded in the correct manner.

    ∙ Suitable for…

    € 1,65 € 1,36
  • Edelrid Zodiac helmet
    Edelrid Zodiac helmet

    EDELRID ZODIAC HELMET Lightweight and extremely stable hybrid helmet. Perfect for canyoning, caving and via ferratas.

    ∙ Robust and impact-resistant injection-moulded ABS shell
    ∙ Expanded polystyrene foam inner shell for…

    € 54,95 € 45,95
  • -50% SALE

    Rubytec Owl - Mini Headlamp
    Rubytec Owl - Mini Headlamp

    Rubytec Owl - Mini Headlamp Whether you use the Rubytec® Owl daily, conveniently leave it in your car, a toolbox, a jacket, a kitchen drawer or show of with it at a camping trip, the Rubytec ® Owl is a pocket-sized head lamp for…

    € 15,95 € 7,95
  • Rubytec Ceramic - Utility Knife
    Rubytec Ceramic - Utility Knife

    RUBYTEC CERAMIC - UTILITY KNIFE Knives with Ceramic blades retain its sharpness longer than steel, are very hygienic, are impervious to acids, oils or salt and don’t stain fruit. No wonder these knives are becoming increasingly…

    € 7,95 € 6,95
  • -20%

    Rubytec Mammoth - Mobile Hanger
    Rubytec Mammoth - Mobile Hanger

    Rubytec Mammoth - Mobile hanger The Mammoth is a mobile suction cup with hook that holds up to 4 kilos. Use it to hang items like clothing, hand mirrors and toilet bags on smooth upright surfaces. Indoors or outdoors, the patented…

    € 5,99 € 4,19
  • -30%

    Rubytec Bat - Foldable Hanger
    Rubytec Bat - Foldable Hanger

    RUBYTEC BAT - FOLDABLE HANGER The ideal clothes hanger for business or leisure travel. Do not leave home without it, perfect companion for in hotels, camping showers etc. It fits perfectly on the Mammoth Mobile Hangers. Specially…

    € 1,50 € 0,99
  • -30%

    Petzl Club 10mm Orange per meter of the roll
    Petzl Club 10mm Orange per meter of the roll

    PETZL CLUB 10MM ORANGE PER METER OF THE ROLL​ Semi-static 10 mm diameter rope designed for caving and canyoning, offers good handling and great durability. Available in 40, 60, 70 and 200 meter lengths and per meter, including a…

    € 2,42 € 1,69
  • Edelrid Holster
    Edelrid Holster

    EDELRID HOLSTER The perfect fixation for the hammer to your belt when you're rigging / equipping of new hooks. The holster can be fixed on the canyon- / speleo- / harness. Thus, the hammer is good and safely stored and so tackle…

    € 7,95
  • NRS HydroLock Mapcessory Map Case XS size
    NRS HydroLock Mapcessory Map Case XS size

    NRS HYDROLOCK MAPCESSORY MAP CASE XS SIZE No more soggy charts. No more maps flapping in the wind. The NRS HydroLock Map Case helps you navigate with ease. Just fold your map to the right section, seal it inside, secure it to your…

    € 18,50 € 14,95
  • -15%

    Petzl JAG System
    Petzl JAG System

    PETZL JAG SYSTEM Versatile:
    - allows pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, tensioning a system...
    - can be coupled with an I'D descender to make a reversible rescue kit to pickoff and evacuate a victimHauling effectiveness:
    - 4:1…

    € 211,75 € 179,99
  • Petzl JAG Traxion
    Petzl JAG Traxion

    PETZL JAG TRAXION Designed for use with the JAG double pulley to make a 4:1 haul system.
    Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions (frozen or muddy ropes...).
    Sheave mounted on sealed ball…

    € 100,43 € 89,95
  • Petzl JAG
    Petzl JAG

    PETZL JAG Designed for use with the JAG TRAXION double progress capture pulley to make a 4:1 haul system.
    Sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings for excellent efficiencySpecifications

    ∙ Weight: 120 g
    ∙ Certification(s): CE…

    € 60,50 € 54,95
  • MTDE Varonia
    MTDE Varonia

    MTDE VARONIA An interesting combination legloop / bum-strap sit harness, with the same build quality and thoughtful design as the Amazonia and Picos models. In this case the bum strap is not fixed, the principle being that it can…

    € 77,95 € 69,95
  • Seland Canyon
    Seland Canyon

    SELAND CANYON Canyoning harness with the possibility of putting a protection seat.

    ∙ Size: One size, adjustable and XL (Extra Large)

    € 59,95
  • SALE

    Edelrid Rap Line 6.0mm
    Edelrid Rap Line 6.0mm

    Special rope made of high quality Aramid. Because of the low stretch ideal retraction rope or vor abseiling suitable. Can not and should not be used as certainly rope.

    Extremely durable
    Rigid: remains in…

    € 3,90 € 2,75
  • Kong Slyde
    Kong Slyde

    KONG SLYDE MULTI PURPOSE PLATE / SELF LOCKING Self-locking plate Slyde (even thought it was not designed to be an "energy dissipator") it may also be used to reduce the force of impact of a fall, by acting as a shock…

    € 7,95 € 6,95
  • Edelrid Pure Slider
    Edelrid Pure Slider

    EDELRID PURE SLIDER Pure carabiner with a locking system - ideal for use on the secure canyonset or from the lifeline.


    ∙ Locking slide-gate mechanism minimizes risk of accidental gate opening
    ∙ Easy-operation…

    € 17,95 € 15,50
  • Petzl Speedy
    Petzl Speedy

    PETZL SPEEDY Petzl Speedy is to open a fast maillon / fast switch is made from lightweight aluminum.

    Quick to open in just four strokes. Use as bring back anchor point for fixed speleotouwen or link for your stairs cord to the…

    € 11,98 € 9,95
  • CZ Throw Line
    CZ Throw Line

    CS THROW LINE Water Rescue/Throw Bag/Throwline 20m Floating 8mm Rope. Great for canyoning. Rope:
    Diameter - 8mm (0,315 in)
    Nominal weight– 24 g/m
    Material - PolyPropylen∙ Do not sink in water.
    ∙ Do not absorb water.
    ∙ Min.…

    € 32,50 € 28,95
  • Petzl Express
    Petzl Express

    PETZL EXPRESS Sewn sling with string for use as a set.

    The ergonomic shape of the Express band material provides excellent grip. String holds the carabiner in position and protects the tire material to abrasion.

    The ergonomic…

    € 3,95
  • LACD Bivi Bag Light
    LACD Bivi Bag Light

    LACD BIVI BAG LIGHT Strong protection at all bivouacs - planted or non-plant - offers this light bivouac. Available in two sizes, one-person and two-person mummy shape envelope model.

    Made of aluminum laminated RipStop nylon. The…

    € 44,95 € 39,95
  • CT Multi Chain
    CT Multi Chain

    CT MULTI CHAIN Climbing Technology Multi Chain Entirely new, unique and super-safe multi daisy chain, which eliminates all security issues with the sewn daisy chains!

    This innovative multi daisy chain offers the ultimate solution…

    € 44,00 € 39,95
  • Petzl Caritool
    Petzl Caritool

    PETZL CARITOOL Material carrier to quickly and easily with one hand tools (eg carabiners or riser clamps) to store and retrieve.

    ∙ Upper hole for the insertion of an additional anti-loss to the tool string.
    ∙ To be placed in…

    € 8,07 € 6,95
  • Seland Aguca 3mm Neoprene Gloves
    Seland Aguca 3mm Neoprene Gloves

    SELAND AGUCA 3MM NEOPRENE GLOVES 3 mm neoprene glove

    ∙ Glued and blindstitched.
    ∙ Protected in the palm with an adittional reinforcement.
    ∙ Made with an special preformed pattern.
    ∙ Color: Black.
    ∙ Sizes: XS S M L XL

    € 34,95 € 29,95
  • SALE

    AustriAlpin Fifty-Fifty
    AustriAlpin Fifty-Fifty

    AUSTRIALPIN FIFTY-FIFTY The new autolock karabiner 2-chamber-autolock We call our new autolock karabiner ‘fifty:fifty’ – for a reason! the newbie has two identical compartments that open and close with a sliding…

    € 22,90 € 17,50
  • Kong OKA
    Kong OKA

    KONG OKA The new multi-purpose canyoning descender

    Descender designed for canyoning.

    For more information and the many usage options, see the YouTube Kong on the OKA

    Suitable for ropes from 7.8 to 12.7 mm in diameter.

    € 29,95 € 25,95
  • -33%

    Petzl Pantin
    Petzl Pantin

    PETZL PANTIN Petzl Pantin foot ascender is a refurbished model to complement the Petzl Croll, Ascension- and / or Ascentree riser clamps, available in a version for the left and right foot.


    ∙ Specially designed…

    € 59,08 € 39,95
  • -20%

    Petzl Gradistep
    Petzl Gradistep

    PETZL GRADISTEP Petzl Gradistep is a lightweight polyester webbing ladder with 5 steps to artificially crossing a free route.

    The Gradistep includes a case in which the Gradistep can be stored. Thus, this band ladder can be…

    € 40,54 € 32,49
  • Edelrid Micro 3
    Edelrid Micro 3

    EDELRID MICRO 3For confirmation of material on / in your pocket canyon potholing.
    Just one size bigger as the Micro 0.
    Not suitable for climbing.TECHNICAL INFORMATION

    ∙ Width [mm]: 32,00
    ∙ Length [mm]: 61,00
    ∙ Weight: 7 g

    € 3,95 € 2,99
  • Edelrid Micro 0
    Edelrid Micro 0

    EDELRID MICRO 0Micro gear with wire gate carabiner.
    Not for use as a climbing carabiner.
    Suitable as material carabiner on / in canyon / potholing bag, camera etc.TECHNICAL INFORMATION

    ∙ Width [mm]: 27,00
    ∙ Length [mm]:…

    € 3,00 € 2,50
  • -30%

    Petzl Quickstep
    Petzl Quickstep

    PETZL QUICKSTEP The Quickstep band ladder from Petzl is a band ladder with an adjustable nylon one step (mono step) for artificial climbing


    ∙ Quickly adjustable in length thanks to Double Back buckle

    € 26,85 € 18,95
  • Petzl Torse
    Petzl Torse

    PETZL TORSE The Torse shoulder strap allows you to continue without having to use your hands perfectly positioned. This increases efficiency and comfort, so you can concentrate on climbing.
    It is a universal (one size fit's all)…

    € 20,00 € 17,95
  • Beal Antipodes 8mm
    Beal Antipodes 8mm

    BEAL ANTIPODES 8MM The antipode an auxiliary rope according to the EN564 standard. This rope meets the specifications of "Lightweight caving rope Type L" defined by the FFS for experienced speleo`s and as standby / emergency rope…

    € 1,60 € 1,40
  • Edelrid Aranya
    Edelrid Aranya

    EDELRID ARANYAMaterial carabiner to attach the belt canyon, canyon bag or personal speleokit bag. Fine into a compact carabiner for your stair string / pedal stijgset. The Aranya fit through the small opening on rope clamp with…

    € 4,95 € 3,95
  • AV Thight Protect
    AV Thight Protect

    AV THIGHT PROTECT Set of two thigh protections PVC 1100 dTex 900 g / m², with a loop and clip for fastening to the waist strap.

    Suitable for every harness for caving and canyoning, made of 44mm webbing and back stitch locking…

    € 16,95 € 13,50
  • Petzl Simple
    Petzl Simple

    PETZL SIMPLE Classic descender for caving on single rope.

    The SIMPLE descender is lightweight, compact, and does not twist the rope during descent.

    Detailed description

    ∙ Very easy to use: the rate of descent is controlled by…

    € 50,22 € 46,95
  • Petzl Reverso 4
    Petzl Reverso 4

    PETZL REVERSO 4 Reverso 4 is definitely new multifunction device Petzl. Now even lighter than the average figure of eight.
    The Reverso4 can be used on single rope, double rope and twin rope:∙ single rope diameter ≥ 8.9 mm

    € 30,00 € 26,95
  • Black Diamond ATC Guide
    Black Diamond ATC Guide

    BLACK DIAMOND ATC GUIDE ATC Guide is a versatile tool for security and descend single rope and double-rope use.

    ∙ Two friction modes for securing and descend. The `High friction mode does give 3x more friction.
    ∙ In `Guide…

    € 26,95
  • Edelweiss Canyon 10mm
    Edelweiss Canyon 10mm

    EDELWEISS CANYON 10MM Type A low-stretch rope made from a polyester-polyamid sheath combination, with Everdry treatment. Specially designed for canyoning. Available from the roll per meter up to 200 meters in one piece.


    € 2,50
  • CRKT Bearclaw Blunt
    CRKT Bearclaw Blunt

    CRKT BEARCLAW BLUNTOutdoor knife designed for emergency and rescue situations where it is thought to detail, curved, serrated blade, put rounded tip and finger hole for extra strength. Executed in orange color.∙ Outdoor knife,…

    € 68,95 € 59,95
  • Beal Dyna Double Clip
    Beal Dyna Double Clip

    BEAL DYNA DOUBLE CLIP Redundant lanyard; ideal for caving and canyoning

    The Dyna Double Clip Beal is a sling which is well suited for a position / resting place partly because the endpoints are sewn. The Dyna Double Clip is…

    € 25,95 € 22,95
  • Petzl Canyon
    Petzl Canyon



    € 101,04 € 89,99
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