Spit kits & accessories

 For the Spitkits I use a basic kit set with expansion to advanced.
When purchasing a full set, discount is possible. All accessories are of course also available separately.

Note: For limestone canyons, it is easy to install a self-drilling crown head with a hand drill in an emergency, while in granite it is easier to hit some mop hooks or drill a hole with a hand drill with an SDS drill with crosshead.

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  • Alp Design Armando
    Alp Design Armando

    ALP DESIGN ARMANDO Bag for carrying spit equipment.
    Contains cartridge for ten mm 8 spit.
    Inside pocket.Height: cm 33 weight: g 240

    € 39,90
  • Alp Design Armando Forre
    Alp Design Armando Forre

    ALP DESIGN ARMANDO FORRE Canyoning bag for equipment.
    Internal pocket and cartridge case for 10 spits.
    String on the sides and at the bottom for water discharge. Inside pocket.Height: cm 33 weight: g 208

    € 44,95
  • Alp Design Borsetto
    Alp Design Borsetto

    ALP DESIGN BORSETTO For topography or for transporting small items.
    Safety flap closure.Size: cm 18x4 - height: cm 23 - weight: 100g

    € 16,95
  • Alp Design Cartucciera
    Alp Design Cartucciera

    ALP DESIGN CARTUCCIERACartridge 10 pieces 8mm striker including scones. Release to stop in a bag or barrel or as a substitute at the Armando and Armando Forre of Alp Design.

    € 16,90
  • AV Explobag
    AV Explobag

    AV EXPLOBAG The Pochette Explobag is a PVC bag for transporting hammer, chisel, hooks or tools and small parts

    Rectangular caving bag in PVC 1000 dtex 700g/m². Used for carrying plugs, hammer and hand drill. Closure by both Self…

    € 32,50 € 27,50
  • Beal Air Leash
    Beal Air Leash

    BEAL AIR LEASH Extendable gear leash which allows tools to remain attached whilst in use.

    Consists of 2 parts:∙ An extendable spiral cord (up to 300%) that attaches using a mini karabiner to the TOOL-BUCKET, whether on HERO…

    € 17,50 € 14,95
  • Black Diamond Stopper
    Black Diamond Stopper

    BLACK DIAMOND STOPPER Black Diamond Stoppers size # 6 and # 9 are perfect to have with your spit kit for canyoningBlack Diamond Stoppers are an essential for every trad rack, designed with a transverse taper that permits sideways…

    € 11,00
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    CT Thunder Hammer
    CT Thunder Hammer

    CT THUNDER HAMMER Lightweight and well balanced rock-hammer, ideal for alpine climbing routes.

    Main characteristics:

    ∙ hardened steel head with hole for hooking to the hammer holster (HAMMER LODGE included);
    ∙ light alloy…

    € 63,95
  • CZ Chisel
    CZ Chisel

    CZ CHISEL A compact flat chisel to add to your spitset to leveling rocks for installing new hooks. The tool is entirely paved with a hardened striking head.


    ∙ Material: Chrome vanadium steel, forged
    ∙ Weight:…

    € 6,49
  • CZ Safety lace
    CZ Safety lace

    CZ SAFETY LACE A usefull connection for your rescue knive to the harness, your whistle to your helmet or your wrench/ hammer to the bolting bag. So you are sure not to loose it in the canyon or cave.

    Now available in 12 different…

    € 1,75
  • Edelrid Holster
    Edelrid Holster

    EDELRID HOLSTER The perfect fixation for the hammer to your belt when you're rigging / equipping of new hooks. The holster can be fixed on the canyon- / speleo- / harness. Thus, the hammer is good and safely stored and so tackle…

    € 7,95
  • Kong Speleagle
    Kong Speleagle

    KONG SPELEAGLE Compact stainless steel Speleagle hammer of Kong. This Kong hammer is designed specifically for multi-employability in caving, canyoning, mountaineering, rescue and work at height and rigging work. The rubber handle…

    € 79,95
  • MTDE Spikit
    MTDE Spikit

    MTDE SPIKIT MTDE Spikit bolting bag. Possibly the best of its kind, anywhere... Neat, made to fit hammer, driver, cones and anchors, drill bits and not much else. The storage of cones and anchors is very good and makes them…

    € 19,95
  • Petzl Bolt Bag
    Petzl Bolt Bag

    PETZL BOLTBAG Pouch for road builders
    Two compartments with Velcro closure.
    A bag with strap and buckle.
    Large pocket closes with a flap and rapid buckle
    Small internal pocket, external holster for a hammer and compartments for…

    € 27,83 € 26,95
  • -20%

    Petzl Bongo hamer
    Petzl Bongo hamer

    PETZL BONGO HAMER Piton hammer For adventure climbing, aid climbing or for equipping new routes.

    Description∙ Rubber grip reduces vibrations
    ∙ Hole in shaft for attaching a keeper cord
    ∙ Hole in head for attaching a piton…

    € 61,64 € 49,95
  • Petzl Perfo Spe
    Petzl Perfo Spe

    PETZL PERFO SPE Hand Drill for self-drilling anchors
    Compact and lightweight
    Equipped with a mini metal handle to gripSpecifications

    ∙ Reference: P08
    ∙ Weight: 208 g
    ∙ Diameter: 8 mm
    ∙ Made in: FR
    ∙ Warranty: 3 years

    € 30,86
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