Safety in outdoor sports

 Safety in outdoor sports is very important. Safety stands and falls with the consistently good use of your materials.
If you go out with a group, pay attention to each other that the right techniques are used and that the participants do not exceed their capabilities.
As an outdoor athlete you ensure that when you go out you have the correct access information. In many cases information about this can be found in the canyon books. In addition, your equipment is tailored to your planned activity. It is also important to realize that many things are going well, but an injury or accident cannot be ruled out. It is therefore difficult to determine which material you might need if things go differently as planned,your emergency equipment.
Note: In remote areas, the use of GPS for navigation and positioning, especially if a search and rescue operation should be required, is valuable.
Consult the ranges: Safety, First Aid / Medical Articles, Rescue and Camping, Bivouac & Backpacking.

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  • Beal Escaper
    Beal Escaper

    BEAL ESCAPER • Detachable abseil system. It allows abseiling when only a single length of rope is available.
    • It can be used with all rope diameters from 7,3 mmRappelling on a single rope strand and pull off the rope.


    € 44,95 € 39,95
  • MTDE Survival Poncho
    MTDE Survival Poncho

    MTDE SURVIVAL PONCHO This survival poncho is the indispensable friend of caving!
    The poncho is an individual equipment for thermal protection, can be used in 3 different positions. Thermal blanket for person, fully closed model…

    € 66,00 € 59,95
  • Ortlieb Safe-It - size L
    Ortlieb Safe-It - size L

    ORTLIEB SAFE-IT - SIZE L Smartphone, tablet, E-Reader and GPS device need special protection when outside of the party. The practical Safe-it is suitable for all mobile terminal equipment!
    The proven roll closure reliably protects…

    € 32,95 € 27,50
  • Restube basic
    Restube basic

    RESTUBE BASIC The RESTUBE Basic is a handy, compact and light weight tool that (water) porters can carry with them. If you get into trouble you can keep your head above water.We all love sports on and around the water. Restube…

    € 59,95
  • Restube classic
    Restube classic

    RESTUBE CLASSIC The RESTUBE classic is a handy, compact and light weight tool that (water) porters can carry with them.
    If you get into trouble you can keep your head above water.RESTUBE offers you freedom and safety in the water.…

    € 74,95
  • Restube lifeguard
    Restube lifeguard

    RESTUBE LIFEGUARD The RESTUBE lifeguard is a handy, compact and lightweight rescue device for professional lifeguards. The RESTUBE lifeguard can best be described as an automatically inflatable rescue tube. The RESTUBE lifeguard…

    € 139,95
  • Restube Spare cartridges - 2 pcs
    Restube Spare cartridges - 2 pcs

    RESTUBE SPARE CARTRIDGES - 2 PCS Robust original spare cartridges for your Restube. Seawater resistant and suitable for Restube. The set consists of two cartridges and safety clips are included.

    ∙ 16 g CO2, threaded
    ∙ with…

    € 8,99
  • Safety lace
    Safety lace

    SAFETY LACE A usefull connection for your rescue knive to the harness, your whistle to your helmet or your wrench/ hammer to the bolting bag. So you are sure not to loose it in the canyon or cave.

    Now available in 12 different…

    € 1,75
  • Swaygo Safety Lanyard
    Swaygo Safety Lanyard

    SWAYGO SAFETY LANYARD The Swaygo Lanyard a safe, reliable, trustworthy lanyard for cave survey, orienteering, event staff, search and rescue, and more.Description

    The Swaygo Safety Lanyard is designed to be comfortable, durable,…

    € 13,95
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