Children's (climbing-) harnesses

 Children's (climbing-) harnesses are (integral) harnesses that have been specially developed for children. The climbing harnesses are often suitable for children between 110 and 160 cm who do not weigh more than 40 kg.
An integral belt is actually nothing more than a chest and hip belt in one. Two additional straps run over the shoulders. Small children in particular benefit from this type of belt because the straps prevent the person from falling out of the belt under all circumstances.

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    AV Muruck Kids
    AV Muruck Kids

    With its low attachment point and integral chest harness, it is of particular interest to child cavers. The Muruck Children is fully adjustable and offers optimal back support in any adjusted position

    € 69,95
  • MTDE Nino caving harness (Child)
    MTDE Nino caving harness (Child)

    A complete caving harness (legs and chest), specially designed and approved for children. Equipped with multiple settings, it offers optimal performance and ideal retention of the user's posture (min 4 y)

    € 118,50 € 102,50
  • NEW 2021

    Edelrid Fraggle III
    Edelrid Fraggle III

    With this padded full body harness even young canyoneers, cavers, via feratta practitioners, climbers and little mountaineers weighing up to 40 kg can enjoy a scramble.

    € 60,00 € 59,95
  • Petzl Ouistiti
    Petzl Ouistiti

    Comfortable and versatile full-body harness for children under 30 kg. For children, the little outdoor sportsmen such as canyoneers, speleologists, via ferrata practitioners, climbers and small mountaineers.

    € 65,50 € 59,95
  • Petzl Body
    Petzl Body

    BODY shoulder straps are designed to be used in conjunction with a MACCHU style child's seat harness. They help maintain and upright position of your child via additional chest-level tie-in points. For children, they are to adjust

    € 30,00 € 26,99
  • Petzl Macchu harness
    Petzl Macchu harness

    Intended for children weighing less than 40 kg (88 lbs), MACCHU is a seat harness designed for climbing.
    Its fully adjustable design, and optional BODY shoulder straps. Identical to adult harnesses. Designed for comfort.

    € 60,00 € 54,99
  • OUT of STOCK

    Edelrid Fraggle II children's climbing harness
    Edelrid Fraggle II children's climbing harness

    Is a soft padded full body harness for children up to 40 kg. With two attachment points (chest and back), the harness is suitable for continuous belay systems in climbing and adventure parks, via ferrata and (rock) climbing.

    € 64,95
  • NEW 2024

    Unlocking tool for SWAN and SIMBA harnesses
    Unlocking tool for SWAN and SIMBA harnesses

    The release tool for Petzl SWAN® and SIMBA harnesses opens the FAST LT PIN-LOCK buckle on the back of the harness. Can be easily worn on the guide's harness. Material: Nylon. Weight: 5 grams.


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