Pulley system / Hoist system

  Hoist systems can be used for various applications in outdoor sports, including during rescues and / or evacuations or for (tensioning) hoist systems.

A pulley is a wheel on a shaft or shaft designed to reverse motion or assist transfer of force between the shaft and cable or belt. ... The drive element of a pulley system can be a rope, cable, belt or chain. Pulley systems are used to achieve a mechanical advantage, multiplying the amount of force applied to apply greater forces to a load. They are usually used for towing and lifting loads, but can also be used to apply tension within a system such as in a tension line. .

Diagram showing a pulley system with a 4:1 mechanical advantage Force is an influence that has both magnitude and direction and is usually given in the dynamic unit of Newton (N) or kg. . In the example, I don't consider the effects of vector angular forces or the coefficients of friction

This pulley system offers a mechanical advantage of 4:1. The user must exert a force of 25 kg to lift this 100 kg load, for every 4 meters of rope the user pulls through the pulley system, the load is only lifted 1 meter.

If we count the number of ropes that actually support or exert force on the load, and then distribute the weight of the load evenly among them, we should easily be able to calculate the overall mechanical advantage of the pulley system.

In this example, there are four sections of rope that support the load and apply force. So the weight of the load (100 kg), divided by the number of supporting parts of rope (4), should result in each rope carrying a quarter (25 kg) of the total weight of the load. The user can lift the 100 kg load using the bypass (pulley D) with a force of 25 kg.

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    Petzl JAG System

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    Petzl Pro Traxion

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