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Article 1. Object of this agreement
These terms and conditions relate to the rental of the goods mentioned in the rental agreement, with the accessories/accessories mentioned therein, which is concluded between the lessor CanyonZone located in Zutphen and on the other hand a natural or legal person named in the agreement, hereinafter referred to as the tenant.

Article 2. Offers and reservations
2.1 The quotations made by CanyonZone are without obligation but have a limited validity as stated on the quotation.
2.2 A reservation placed by the tenant has the same status as entering into a rental agreement. Changes until the start of the rental period are permitted, if, however, half or more of the rental value is canceled, the provisions as referred to in Article 18 apply.

Article 3. Rental price
3.1 Rental prices are calculated per day. The day of collection / sending and the day of return are both calculated in the rental period.
3.2 A weekly price applies for the first week, after that a reduced renewal day price is calculated. A daily rate applies for rental periods shorter than 5 days.
3.3 Members of the Dutch Canyoning Bond (NCB) and Speleo Netherlands are entitled to a 10% discount on the total rental amount, only upon presentation of a valid membership card. This discount does not apply to the deposit, shipping costs, repair or cleaning costs.

Article 4. Creditworthiness
Each rental agreement entered into with CanyonZone contains the resolutive condition that CanyonZone will prove to have sufficient creditworthiness on the part of the renter, this at its sole discretion.

Article 5. Term of the agreement
5.1 This rental agreement is concluded for a definite period of time, calculated from the collection date up to and including the return date as stated in the rental agreement, unless otherwise agreed.
5.2 When determining the duration of the agreement, a part of the day counts as a whole day.
5.3 When determining the duration of the agreement, Sundays and public holidays within the rental period are always included. Rent is also payable on this. CanyonZone may be closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Article 6. Delivery and return
6.1 The tenant must collect the rented goods himself and return them to CanyonZone on the end date of the rental agreement, unless the parties have expressly agreed that CanyonZone will be responsible for bringing and/or returning the rented goods. In addition, the tenant must ensure that CanyonZone can reach the location where the rented item must be delivered/picked up via a passable road. If CanyonZone is responsible for bringing and/or returning the rented item, this will be at the expense of the tenant, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. If the assistance/cooperation promised by the tenant is not available upon delivery, the resulting additional costs will be charged to the tenant and CanyonZone reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement without prejudice to its right to compensation.
6.2 If the date for return of the goods is exceeded, the renter owes CanyonZone an immediately due and payable fine, which cannot be mitigated, equal to the expired rental periods, without prejudice to CanyonZone's right to further compensation.
6.3 If the rented goods are returned or sent back earlier than the pre-agreed rental period, no refund of the rental price can be given.

Article 7. Shipping and returns
7.1 If CanyonZone has committed itself towards the tenant to have the rented goods delivered to the tenant through an external carrier, CanyonZone will strive to adhere to the agreed delivery period as accurately as possible. To this end, CanyonZone will timely offer the goods to the external carrier for shipment. However, CanyonZone does not accept any liability for damages or consequential damages as a result of delayed delivery or loss of goods at the hands of the external carrier.
7.2 The lessee is obliged to provide the carrier with sufficient opportunity for the timely delivery of the leased property for the goods sent at his request.
7.3 In case of return of goods to CanyonZone, the return date is set one day after the renter has handed over the goods to a forwarder within the Netherlands. The date as stated by the carrier or stated on the carrier's original shipping receipts is decisive.

Article 8. Complaints and inspection of the good condition of the goods
8.1 Immediately after delivery of the goods, the lessee is obliged to inspect them thoroughly for defects or deviations from the expected pattern. If anything should be incorrect, CanyonZone must immediately inform the renter in writing. If the tenant does not immediately (within 24 hours) after the day of delivery point out to CanyonZone defects that could be noticed during a thorough investigation, the client is deemed to agree with the condition in which the rented item was delivered or delivered and lapses. any right to advertising.
8.2 CanyonZone must be able to check submitted complaints. In case of agreement on the advertising, a written statement will be drawn up.
8.3 If the complaint is correct in the opinion of CanyonZone, CanyonZone will either pay fair compensation up to the invoice value of the rented goods, or replace the rented goods free of charge after they have been returned in their original condition.

Article 9. Tenant obligations
9.1 The tenant is obliged to use the rented goods only in accordance with the provisions of this rental agreement and in particular to:
a: To treat the rented goods in accordance with the operating, safety and other regulations as determined by the manufacturer;
b: Not to make any changes to the rented goods;
c: to provide CanyonZone with access to the rented goods at all times;
d: To reject claims from third parties on the rented goods and to indemnify CanyonZone;
e: Exclude subletting and making available to third parties with the written permission of CanyonZone.
9.2 The tenant must take care of the following at his own expense and risk:
a: The necessary experience and expertise for the responsible application of the rented equipment. (such as professional guidance, training and education certificates, etc.)
b: Correct manner of storage, transport and protection against adverse external influences, as well as excessive wear.

Article 10. Payment
10.1 Upon collection of the goods, full payment including the deposit and any cleaning costs must be paid. The payment obligation can only be met by cash or PIN payment, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
10.2 When sending the goods, full payment including the deposit, shipping costs and any cleaning costs must be transferred to CanyonZone's account, no later than 5 days prior to the rental period as stated on the rental agreement.

Article 11. Deposit
11.1 The tenant is obliged, before he takes delivery of the rented goods, to give CanyonZone a deposit to be determined by him.
11.2 CanyonZone reserves the right to compensate expired rental periods with the deposit, as well as the costs of repair/cleaning as referred to in article “Cancellation/dissolution” paragraph 2.
11.3 CanyonZone is obliged to return this deposit to the tenant upon termination of the rental contract, if at that time the tenant has fulfilled all his obligations towards the landlord.

Article 12. Insurance
The tenant bears the full risk and responsibility of the rented goods during the time that they are made available to the tenant and the tenant will, if necessary, insure the goods and keep them insured against damage due to war, loss, theft, damage or fire.

Article 13. Damage and defects
13.1 The renter is obliged to report any damage or defects to the rented property immediately to CanyonZone. The renter may not carry out repairs without the permission of CanyonZone. Changes and/or repairs to the rented go

Article 14. Liability
14.1 CanyonZone is in principle not liable for damage caused to himself and/or to third parties directly or indirectly as a result of the use of the rented goods. The renter will indemnify CanyonZone against all claims by himself and/or third parties in this regard.
14.2 The tenant is personally liable for all charges, taxes and fines arising from the use of the rented property by him or by third parties,

Article 15. Repair
If repairs are necessary as a result of improper handling, repairs by third parties, the use of unsuitable accessories, or any other cause that cannot be regarded as normal wear and tear, the costs thereof will be charged separately and additionally to the tenant.

Article 16. Replacement If the renter is unable, for whatever reason, to return the rented goods to CanyonZone (or have them returned), the renter must pay CanyonZone compensation to be determined by him, in the amount of the sales value of the rented goods.

Article 17. Tenant's notification obligations
17.1 The tenant must inform CanyonZone without delay if the tenant's movable or immovable property is seized, the rented goods mentioned in the agreement or if the property rights of CanyonZone are threatened in any other way. The same applies in the event of bankruptcy of the tenant, if the tenant applies for a moratorium or has suspended payment for any other reason.
17.2 If a case such as referred to in the previous paragraph of this article arises, the tenant is obliged to immediately allow the attaching bailiff, the curator or administrator to inspect the present agreement.

Article 18. Cancellation
If the tenant cancels and has not yet made use of the items made available to him, he owes the following compensation.
The compensation amounts to:
-in case of cancellation more than 7 days before the start date of the rental period: €12.50 administration costs.
-in case of cancellation up to 2 days before the start date of the rental period: 50% of the total price.
-in case of cancellation within 2 days before the start date of the rental period: 100% of the total price.

Article 19. Termination/dissolution
19.1 If the tenant defaults on any obligation, CanyonZone is authorized to consider the rental agreement dissolved without notice of default with immediate effect and without judicial intervention.
19.2 Upon termination of this agreement, the rented goods will be made available to CanyonZone again in the same condition in which they were provided and fully cleaned. If it turns out that the goods show defects or are damaged, or that the lessee has not cleaned the goods or has not cleaned them properly, the lessor is entitled to charge the lessee for the repair or cleaning costs.
19.3 In the case of rental agreements for an indefinite period, both parties can terminate with immediate effect. Termination by the tenant can only take place by returning the rented goods to CanyonZone. If the parties have agreed that CanyonZone will collect the rented goods from the tenant upon termination of this agreement, the tenant must observe a notice period of at least 24 hours.
19.4 If the rental agreement ends on the basis of the provisions of the first paragraph of this article, CanyonZone is entitled to claim an amount as fixed compensation for loss of profits equal to the remaining rental periods which would have expired until the end of the rental contract, without prejudice to the right of the lessor for further compensation.

Article 20. Changes
Changes and additions to this agreement are only valid if agreed in writing. Oral ancillary agreements, even if they were made before the conclusion of this agreement, are not valid insofar as they conflict with the above provisions.

Article 21. Applicable law
All agreements and/or actions performed by CanyonZone are exclusively governed by Dutch law; these agreements and/or acts are deemed to have been concluded or performed in the Netherlands.

Article 22. Disputes All disputes arising from the agreements concluded between the parties, including the single collection of the amount owed, will be brought before the Civil Court of CanyonZone's place of business, if the latter so wishes, insofar as the Civil Court is legally authorized to do so. is.

These terms and conditions have been drawn up by Vertical Adventure / CanyonZone., version 01-2021. No rights can be derived from the information contained herein.


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