Headlamp waterproof

 A waterproof head torch is a must for caving. Led Headlamps, USB Rechargeable headlamp and with a different range, light angle and adjustable brightness in robust housings.

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  • Black Diamond Spot 350 - Aqua
    Black Diamond Spot 350 - Aqua

    BLACK DIAMOND SPOT 325 - AQUA The full-featured waterproof headlamp is lighter, brighter, and smaller. The new Spot 325 features a more compact design, updated user interface, and improved multi-faceted optical lens design that…

    € 44,95 € 34,95
  • -23% SALE

    Petzl Ultra Vario
    Petzl Ultra Vario

    PETZL ULTRA VARIO Ultra Powerful headlamp with multiple beams, with rechargeable battery.

    ∙ Lamp with your hands free for work: may be worn on the head with a belt or mounted using the supplied images on a helmet.

    € 302,46 € 234,95
  • Fenix HL60R
    Fenix HL60R

    FENIX HL60R The Fenix HL60R is the first rechargeable torch Fenix. It is based on the hugely popular HL55 but is even more versatile thanks to red light, 950 lumens continuous and a micro USB port which supplied 18650 battery can…

    € 74,95
  • Fenix HM61R
    Fenix HM61R

    FENIX HM61R The Fenix HM61R rechargable headlamp is a great multi-functional light that is not only a high-performance headlamp, but also a great right-angle detachable flashlight, when removed from its headband—which includes a…

    € 84,95
  • Fenix HM65R
    Fenix HM65R

    FENIX HM65R The Fenix HM65R is the most powerful headlamp in the HM series. Just like the other lamps in the HM series, the lamp excels in its weight in relation to the maximum light output. The HM65R weighs only 69.5 grams…

    € 94,99
  • Petzl DUO S
    Petzl DUO S

    PETZL DUO S Ultra-powerful, waterproof and rechargeable headlamp, featuring the FACE2FACE anti-glare function. 1100 lumens

    Ultra-powerful with 1100 lumens in BOOST mode, the DUO S headlamp runs on a rechargeable battery.…

    € 423,50 € 389,95
  • Petzl DUO Z2
    Petzl DUO Z2

    PETZL DUO Z2Powerful, waterproof and durable headlamp, featuring FACE2FACE anti-glare function. 430 lumens

    The DUO Z2 headlamp provides a powerful 430 lumens in BOOST mode, and runs on regular batteries. Waterproof and durable,…

    € 229,90 € 179,95
  • Petzl Pixa 2 headlamp
    Petzl Pixa 2 headlamp

    PETZL PIXA 2 HEADLAMP The Pixa 2 is a robust, powerful and waterproof LED headlamp from Petzl. With two levels of lighting this torch useful for hands-free illumination at close range and the lamp has a special mixed light which…

    € 48,95
  • Petzl Pixa 3
    Petzl Pixa 3

    PETZL PIXA 3 Rugged, waterproof and explosion-free headlamp with three lighting levels (broad, combined and concentrated beam of light), designed for illumination at close range, to travel and to see far.

    ∙ Includes plate for…

    € 71,39 € 63,95
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    Fenix HM50R V2.0
    Fenix HM50R V2.0

    The Fenix ​HM50R V2.0 is the upgrade of the ​HM50R and is more than a torch. Since the lamp is removable, is to use these multifunctional for many tasks. The extremely lightweight design ensures that the light remains good and…

    € 59,95
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    Fenix HM70R
    Fenix HM70R

    FENIX HM70R The lamp gets the power for the light modes from the supplied L21-5000 battery. The maximum burning time is 100 hours, ideal for multi-day hikes. The battery status is accurately displayed by briefly pressing the…

    € 99,95


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