Shipping and pickup

 You can buy the products ordered to be transferred or even pick it up in our store. This may indicate you with your order. Shipping costs are automatically included in your order.
Specify a delivery point in your area if you are not (always) at home. In the Netherlands, a delivery point from PostNL is an option

Pick up:
If you have chosen pick, you can pick up your order the next working day in Zutphen.
Maria Rutgersstraat 49 / 
Holtmede 25g
7207 GX Zutphen
Pick up is free. Orders must be picked up within 8 business days.

We ship worldwide and make use of the most appropriate carrier. In so doing, account should be taken of the transit time in days. We make maximum use of Track & Trace. Shipping can be done based on Express service at an additional cost. (please indicate this in the "Comments" box if desired)

Because there are several dimensions of whistles to neoprene suits, there are a number of ways that our packages are sent. The following is valid for numbers to 10 pieces and up to 30 kg. If you want to order larger quantities can you contact with by calling +31 (0) 6 2023 7357 or emailing

Cat 1: Clothing, equipment and accessories:
These products are shipped,in Benelux, via Post NL parcel service. If the product leaves our store, you will get a message with a 'track and trace' link to track your package.

Cat 2: Books & Topo's
The products in Benelux, possibly sent as letter.

Some products are small and can be sent with the letter. Get no 'track and trace' link. Because it is technically not possible to count for letter other shipping, we have reduced the average amount for shipping. If something as letter can be verified that the shipping can be adapted sent.

Damage, loss or missing content, what to do? 

Signing for a shipment is signing for proper receipt. If you, as the recipient, notice damage, you must sign for receipt with reservation. It must be clearly stated why the reservation is made.

If an international shipment has not been delivered within 35 days, you must contact us to make a claim / complaint, stating the order number.
EU shipments require a response within 20 days.

Note: If your shipment is on the road longer than planned, your package may be missing. However, it does not always have to be wrong. The carrier itself must first declare a shipment as officially missing. 10 waiting days are often used for this.

If a package is not delivered (on time), an investigation is often initiated no earlier than after 20 / 35 days, at my request, and not earlier, for packages sent outside Europe.

If the investigation by the courier service(s) shows that the package has been lost, the total purchase price of the order will be refunded or reshipped.

When submitting a claim for a damaged package, I need the following documentation:

If items are missing from undamaged shipping packaging, this must be reported immediately, see Contact and address details

Which documents are required to submit a claim?

To make a claim in case of damage or loss, the following documents are required:

  • Delivery note / proof of delivery with description of the damage, in case of damage and / or missing content. Obtain a signature of delivery subject to damage on the delivery note or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant or handheld computer) of the delivery person.
  • Submit photos in case of damage
  • It is imperative that the claim for damage or loss is made within 24 hours of receipt of the shipment. Otherwise it cannot be processed.

In case of damage, please attach photos

If the goods are damaged, photos of 3 aspects, with date and time, are required to show this damage:

1. Photo of damaged goods in its entirety: a photo must show the damage in its entirety and not just a detail of it. If the damage is not visible on a total photo, it is necessary to add another image of the item where the damage is visible. If more than one damaged item is found, take a photo of all items together.

 2. Photograph of the outer packaging, including the carrier's label: The photograph must show that the shipment was made by the carrier and that the associated claim is for the contracted shipment. We request that you take the photo at a distance where the shipping label is visible.

 3. Photo of the goods with packaging inside: The photo must show that the packaging used has protected the contents during transport. We ask for an image of the damaged goods while they are still in the packaging, exactly as the recipient received them.

Do not tear the used packaging: Keep the damaged goods and their packaging, the goods should not be repaired or treated until the expert's report is made.

All information should be related to the Order number and the date the package was received.

Submit claim to

For shipments of more than 20 kg and not included countries, the cost should be tuned.
This request to contact 0031 (0) 6 2023 7357 or

Below is a schedule with an indication of the shipping costs for packages up to 30 kg:
(Countries forming part of the European Union (EU) are Yellow)

  No standard shipping costs above:
Austria €11,00> € 500, - and kg <20
Belgium€9,25> € 500, - and kg <20
Bulgaria€25,00> € 500, - and kg <20
Czech Republic€15,95> € 500, - and kg <20
Denmark€14,00> € 500, - and kg <20
England > ......    and kg <20 (or kg <20 ......)
Estonia€25,00> € 500, - and kg <20
Finland€ 36.50> € 500, - and kg <20 (or kg <20 19,50)
France€14,50> € 500, - and kg <20
Germany€9,25> € 500, - and kg <20
Greece€23,75> € 600, - and kg < 20
Hungary€19,25> € 500, - and kg <20
Ireland€21,00> € 500, - and kg <20 (or kg <20 15,50)
Italy€17,00> € 500, - and kg <20
Latvia€24,00> € 500, - and kg <20
Lithuania€24,00> € 500, - and kg <20
Luxembourg€11,50> € 500, - and kg <20
Monaco€14,50> € 500,- en kg < 20
Netherlands€5,00> € 500, - and kg <20
Poland€19,75> € 500, - and kg <20
including Madeira and the Azores
€18,50> € 500, - and kg <20
Slovenia€19,99> € 500, - and kg <20
Slovakia€16,50> € 500, - and kg <20
Spain except the Canary Islands€18,50> € 500, - kg and <20
Sweden€19,50> € 500, - and kg <20
Packages up to 20 kg, basic rate + kilo surcharge **
** Below an indication of the costs.
    Calculate costs after adjustment.
Andorra€20,95 + 
South Cyprus€21,50 + 
Croatia€21,50 + 
Malta€21,50 + 
Norway€18,85 + 
Switzerland€18,85 + 
Other countries Europe€21,50 + 




 England: no longer a member state of the EU as of 1 Jan 2021, see "Other countries Europe"



















Other counties :Establish after tuning

Shipping to adopt depending on weight, packing volume and transit time (in days)
Indicative easy transit time (transit time 16-21 days) - Classic (transit time 8-15 days) or express (7 days) or sea transport
Indication shipping is based on weight, packing volume and transmission speed.
Note: VAT will not be charged outside the EU
If an online order without VAT is not possible?
What you can do is:
- make the order and make the total payment and CanyonZone will refund the VAT paid minus the shipping costs after the order has been received. This is the easiest way for CanyonZone,
-You can mail CanyonZone the material you want to order and CanyonZone will issue an invoice without VAT and including shipping costs for it and you can pay via bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.

 No standard shipping costs above:
Australia> € 2,000 and kg <20
Canada> € 2,000 and kg <20
Indonesia / Singapore / 
> € 2,500 and kg <20
Hongkong> € 2,000 and kg <20
Japan> € 2,000 and kg <20
New Zealand> € 2,000 and kg <20
North, Central and South America (United States of America)> € 2,000 and kg <20
South Africa> € 2,000 and kg <20
Taiwan> € 2,000 and kg <20









Sea transport can certainly result in considerable cost savings for larger orders, which are placed on time.
If the weight is more than 30 kg or the volume is large, sea transport can provide considerable cost savings.
The table gives an indication of the shipping time to foreign ports in number of calendar days. The departure times from the Netherlands are weekly. Note: Transport to the destination will be added.
Other countries and destinations in the countries can be coordinated (indicative) per order.

Country days
Australia 40 – 49
New Zealand 38 – 48
Indonesia 31
Japan 37 – 47
Taiwan 23 – 29
Jordan 27 – 39
Qatar 23 – 25
Greece 9 – 16
Portugal (islands) 20 – 24
Israel 12 – 15
Cyprus 10
USA 12 – 32
Brazil 16 – 30
Costa Rica 20 – 17
Mexico 19 – 25
Puerto Rico 30 – 37

For further information about deliveries see:






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