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There are different types and sizes of caving bags. They are dragged, dropped, submerged and otherwise treated quite brutally. In most cases, bags with zippers won't work for very long, so drawstrings, buckles, or clips that are mud and moisture resistant usually work better. Not all caves are wet, so bags / bags do not necessarily have to be waterproof, and any waterproofing is likely to leak over time, but for wet caves, bags must either have waterproof functionality that is retained or equipped with drainage holes.

Some cavers have nothing more than a small shooting bag with just a few basics, but for most cavers, a daypack has a volume of 8 to 25 liters (500 to 1500 cu-inches). For an easy horizontal recreational tour, a bag is sufficient to carry some food, water, a small repair and first aid kit and some spare batteries and a headlamp. A vertical cave research strip may require a larger 25 to 40 liter (1,500 to 2,500 cu-inch) bag. Typical camp packs range from 40 to 60 liters (2,500 to 3,500 cu-inches) and require sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooking appliances, extra food, tarps, etc.

There are a few basic bag types designed specifically for caving:

Side packs:

These are based on one of the classic original cave bags - the army surplus gas mask bag. The standard in American caving for many years. A very similar backpack, in different sizes and configurations. Side packs have two wide adjustable straps and typically five D-rings that allow the pack to be worn as a traditional backpack, fanny pack or side bag. The side pack configuration is the most popular and is a very efficient way to carry a pack through a lot of chimney climbing and crawling.

Tackle bags:

The standard bag used is a round or oval bag with two shoulder straps and a drawstring closure at the top. You can take a lot of things with you in these bags, they are simple, light and durable and are easy to drag or tie when crawling or on a rope respectively. Most of the larger camp packs are of the tackle bag variety, and some, have a roll-top closure instead of the drawstring variety.

Waterproof packbags:

Some cavers put a shoulder strap around a dry bag and use it like a cave bag, but they wear out of course. These cases are often made from a urethane coated fabric that is extremely abrasion and puncture resistant. Another waterproofing option is to use a tackle bag with drainage holes with a dry bag inside. Alternatively, a container can also be used.

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  • Available on demand

    AV Cavaquatic 25l
    AV Cavaquatic 25l

    The Aventure Verticale (AV) Cavaquatic 25l is one of the latest products from AV: The Cavaquatic designed for aquatic caves and canyoning.

    The double-foamed back increases its buoyancy. The holes on the front of the bag connected…

    € 66,95
  • BACH Side Pocket
    BACH Side Pocket

    BACH SIDE POCKET The Bach Side Pockets are meant to add extra volume to your luggage. The bags are easy to attach to the front or side of your backpack or to be used as a toilet bag or bag. For canyoning and speleo to be used…

    € 17,50
  • BACH Ultimate Duffel
    BACH Ultimate Duffel


    With the BACH ULTIMATES some folks will find their “piece de resistance”. The ULTIMATE DUFFELS are basic, practical, strong and beautiful: They are simply BACH!


    ∙ comes with a…

    € 79,95 € 69,95
  • EXPED Transfer Wheelie Bag Black
    EXPED Transfer Wheelie Bag Black

    EXPED TRANSFER WHEELIE BAG BLACK Make all your bags / backpack a compact travel bag with this Exped Wheelie Bag. The Wheelie Bag is 100% waterproof and is easy to transport. The wheels do not make noise, and the backrest system…

    € 159,95
  • Landjoff Duffle Bag 63
    Landjoff Duffle Bag 63

    LANDJOFF​ DUFFLE BAG 63 Heavy Duty DuffleBag, Luggage Sack 63 litre

    Comfortable, zippered lid closure. Wide, adjustable and removable shoulder strap.
    Four carrying handles. Two webbings for additional luggage fixing and/or…

    € 79,90
  • Landjoff Duffle Bag 90
    Landjoff Duffle Bag 90

    LANDJOFF​ DUFFLE BAG 90 Heavy Duty DuffleBag, Luggage Sack 90 litre

    Comfortable, zippered lid closure. Wide, adjustable and removable shoulder strap.
    Four carrying handles. Two webbings for additional luggage fixing and/or…

    € 87,90
  • Rodcle Ala ad-Din VE
    Rodcle Ala ad-Din VE

    RODCLE ALA AD-DIN VE It is an innovative and at the same time practical and simple product that will facilitate our work and facilitate the cleanliness and cleanliness of our "bag". Actually, it is a kind of magic carpet that…

    € 38,99
  • Petzl Personnel 15L
    Petzl Personnel 15L

    PETZL PERSONNEL 15L Small caving bag perfect for Personal Caving equipment.With its 15 liter volume, the PERSONNEL caving bag is ideal for carrying a waterproof container. It has a space for additional equipment. It is made of TPU…

    € 60,50
  • Petzl Kab Rope / Wetsuit bag - Blue
    Petzl Kab Rope / Wetsuit bag - Blue

    PETZL KAB ROPE / WETSUIT BAG - BLUE Main Features of the Petzl Kab Rope / wetsuit Bag / Personal Equipment bag - Blue∙ Large volume rope bag that also is usefull for your personal canyoning or caving equipment (see photos)

    € 59,95 € 37,50
  • Protect drill

    Ortlieb Water bag 10 liters
    Ortlieb Water bag 10 liters

    ORTLIEB WATER BAG 10 LITERS When working in a wet environment, during canyoning and caving, this water bag is good to protect your drill.

    The original application:

    ORTLIEB has developed the water bag to ensure that the water…

    € 29,95
  • Swaygo Chicken Loops
    Swaygo Chicken Loops

    SWAYGO CHICKEN LOOPS Definition: A simple loop of flat webbing worn around the ankle.

    Choose from three sizes: Small , Medium and Large


    Chicken loops are simple, yet incredibly versatile. You can clip your pack to a…

    € 6,75
  • Landjoff External Pocket
    Landjoff External Pocket

    LANDJOFF EXTERNAL POCKET Removable external pocket is designed for easy attachment.
    Wide opening with two way zippered closure.
    The price is for a piece.Specifications:

    ∙ Volume: approx. 4 litres
    ∙ Dimensions: height 30сm,…

    € 13,50
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