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 You can buy anchoring & accessories for your canyon or caving adventure at CanyonZone. We have articles from different outdoor sports brands in the range for all conditions.

An anchorage point or anchor point has a security function in canyoning, caving and climbing, it can consist of one or more anchor points, anchor points or security points on the rocks, in the ice, in the snow or on a climbing wall. These may consist of an artificial anchor point such as a hook or a stainless steel anchor plate ((plaque). It is also possible to take advantage of the natural presence of a protrusion or an opening in the rock. These anchor points may have the following function:

  • Securing or securing the climber during his active climbing action. A climber can secure himself via the securing point, a set, the climbing rope and his climbing harness.
  • Various securing points can be used as an intermediate stop or as an end point at which an abseiling is possible.

The following rough classification can be made:

  • Natural anchors: a rock, an hourglass, a tree
  • Artificial rock anchors: anchors that are placed in rock crevices or rock openings, in this category come the nuts and the friends. These are mainly used in traditional climbing, in some cases where the existing rock hooks are missing or cannot be trusted.
  • Pitons: hooks that are hammered in, drilled in or glued in.
  • Ice creams: hollow tubes that are twisted into the ice.
  • Snow anchors: all kinds of attachments that are buried, hammered or retracted into the snow. The most obvious snow anchor is to use the pickle.

NB: Largely derived from:

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  • Beal Y Spreader
    Beal Y Spreader

    ∙ ​Y Extension to anchor a flexible metal ladder to a single point.

    Strong points:

    ∙ 4 mm galvanised steel wire
    ∙ swaged eye ends
    ∙ Strength 1000 kg.

    € 19,95
  • BetaStick Evo Ultra Compact
    BetaStick Evo Ultra Compact

    BETASTICK EVO ULTRA COMPACT Useful climbing telescope clip stick, up to 2.38m length

    The BETASTICK Evo is the culmination of 15 years’ experience by BETA CLIMBING DESIGNS, research and design in remote clipping devices.

    It has…

    € 73,95 € 69,95
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    CE4Y Floating Bag
    CE4Y Floating Bag

    CE4Y FLOATING BAG The very light and small packable bag is used to get over the obstacle in strong currents and back flows.
    Either as a drift anchor for a zip line or as a drift anchor to pull yourself out of the pool on it.

    € 59,00
  • Floating anchor Holzi
    Floating anchor Holzi

    FLOATING ANCHOR HOLZI Lightweight and simple emergency tool to use in white water, without having to clear the backpack.

    A Floating Anchor is an advanced technique similar to a guided rappel. There are a couple of different…

    € 54,00
  • Petzl Ring L
    Petzl Ring L

    PETZL RING L Ferrule

    The RING connecting ring is designed for direct installation on tree surgeon belts, but it is also good for canyoning used in combination with a Petzl ring S or maillon to create a pull through anchor point…

    € 11,50
  • Petzl Sakab Chalk bag
    Petzl Sakab Chalk bag

    PETZL SAKAB CHALK BAG Bag placed on the ground
    At CanyonZone we think the Petzl Sakab is a perfect bag to keep your collection bolts and hangers together with your drill bits, nuts etc.SAKAB is made to use as a bouldering chalk…

    € 30,00 € 26,95
  • Practi Bolts complete kit
    Practi Bolts complete kit

    PRACTI BOLTS COMPLETE KIT Climbing bolt replicas that stick to any magnetic surface. Easily practice anchor cleaning, anchor building, multipitch transitions, and more with Practi Bolts. Each set comes complete with two bolts, two…

    € 54,00
  • Practi Bolts Single Bolt
    Practi Bolts Single Bolt

    PRACTI BOLTS SINGLE BOLTEXTRA BOLT TO EXPAND YOUR EXISTING PRACTI BOLTS SET​This climbing hanger replica use a combination of strong magnet and nano gel to temporarily adhere to any magnetic surface. The sticky gel surface is…

    € 20,00
  • Practi Bolts Sport Kit
    Practi Bolts Sport Kit

    PRACTI BOLTS SPORT KIT Bolt hanger replicas that stick to any magnetic surface using both a magnet and reusable sticky surface. Easily practice rope systems for

    ∙ rock climbing
    ∙ rescue
    ∙ rope access
    ∙ professional…

    € 44,00
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