Artificial securing equipment

 Artificial climbing is climbing rock walls using all kinds of mobile safety equipment for propulsion. CanyonZone has included climbing hooks, skyhooks, wire hook, Leash system, foot loops / stair cord / tire ladder and (auxiliary) ladders, which are good for caving and canyoning.

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  • Black Diamond Cliffhanger
    Black Diamond Cliffhanger

    Hooks on narrow to medium format oddities and edges, the Cliffhanger is an indispensable tool for difficult artificial climbs. Perfect for canyoning and caving exploration.

    € 13,95
  • Black Diamond Grappling Hook
    Black Diamond Grappling Hook

    A little oversized, for enlarging larger edges and flakes than a Cliffhanger, the Grappling Hook's large bipod base is remarkably stable even at small edges.

    € 16,95
  • Black Diamond Pecker
    Black Diamond Pecker

    The ideal tool for long bigwall routes: Whether for thin hairline cracks, narrow seams or in fine rock cracks, the Pecker's razor-sharp and hair-thin nose fits where nothing else can. Material: Steel 4130 chromely

    € 22,95
  • Black Diamond Talon
    Black Diamond Talon

    Skyhook open with three sides for artificial climbing and tricky canyon- and potholing routes. Covers edges and holes from 4.8 mm (3/16 in) to 13 mm (1/2 in). Weight: 48 g.

    € 21,95
  • Blue Ice Boa Leash
    Blue Ice Boa Leash

    Lightweight, versatile leash system for demanding alpine routes, working at heights, ice climbing and installing anchor points (against hammer/drill loss). Elastic bands.

    € 12,00
  • CT Footsteps
    CT Footsteps

    Climbing Technology (CT)​ Footsteps is a lightweight etrier with 4 steps, suitable for ascending the rope in combination with an ascender handle (e.g. CT QUICK-UP Plus).

    € 36,95 € 29,95
  • -30%

    Edelrid AID Climber
    Edelrid AID Climber

    Adjustable foot loop ascender for conveniently ascending ropes. Four steps make it easy to overcome even difficult sections without having to adjust the length.

    € 33,95 € 24,95
  • Edelrid Pro Step foot loop
    Edelrid Pro Step foot loop

    Perfect for climbing the fixed rope and for conquering difficult passages. A wider support point ensures a better distribution of the body weight. Efficient length adjustment thanks to the double back buckle.

    € 24,95 € 19,95
  • Petzl Fifi
    Petzl Fifi

    The Petzl Fifi is a hook for positioning and propulsion in artificial climbing and haulbag retrieval. Lower carabiner opening for connection to lanyard, ladders or haul bag.

    € 9,95
  • Petzl Goutte d`eau
    Petzl Goutte d`eau

    Is a skyhook with a wide opening, specially designed for locomotion or for positioning in artificial climbing. Suitable for hooking on various rock points and holes. Sling made of strong polyester.

    € 16,99
  • Petzl Gradistep - Five-step etrier
    Petzl Gradistep - Five-step etrier

    The Petzl Gradistep is a light polyester tape ladder with 5 steps for artificially crossing a free route. Comes with a case in which the Gradistep can be stored.

    € 42,00 € 34,95
  • -20%

    Petzl Looping ladder/footlooping
    Petzl Looping ladder/footlooping

    Is a nylon strap ladder / foot loop with 4 reinforced steps. This strap ladder can be installed on the Petzl Ascension hand rope clamp as well as on an anchorage.

    € 40,03 € 31,95
  • Petzl Maillon No 5
    Petzl Maillon No 5

    The Petzl Maillon No 5 is a mini quick link to install a recovery system on, for example, the Petzl Fifi or to connect a stair rope with a rope clamp. This mini maillon has a breaking strength of only 280 kg!!

    € 4,48
  • Petzl Quickstep
    Petzl Quickstep

    Is a tape ladder with an adjustable nylon one step (mono step) for artificial climbing. Foot fixation system to keep your foot in the scooter during load.

    € 26,85 € 23,95
  • Petzl Reglette
    Petzl Reglette

    Petzl Reglette is a skyhook / sky hook with a small opening specially designed for traveling or for positioning in artificial climbing. Suitable to hook on narrow edges and corners or drilled holes. Very strong polyester sling.

    € 15,95
  • Raumer Climbing system STICK-UP (complete)
    Raumer Climbing system STICK-UP (complete)

    STICK-UP ladder aider (complete) kit for climbing or caving assistance. Is a method that allows to climb in complete safety, both in mountains and on the rocks of the cave, effortlessly and very quickly.

    € 81,00
  • Raumer Light alloy picket STICK-UP
    Raumer Light alloy picket STICK-UP

    Ultra-light alloy step for Raumer STICK-UP. An important accessory for the Raumer Climbing system STICK-UP (complete), complete for climbing in caves and and potholes.

    € 37,90
  • Raumer Special stepladder for STICK-UP method
    Raumer Special stepladder for STICK-UP method

    Ladder-Style Aider for STICK-UP Aider System. A special ladder-style aid designed exclusively for the "Stick-Up" method of ascent. Very small in volume, it fits nicely in any caving bag.

    € 50,27
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