Especially for Children

Canyoning and caving equipment for Children

 Canyoning and speleology equipment for children is also available.
It's great for the sport with children that they have the right equipment and materials.
or questions please contact us.



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  • NEW 2021

    Petzl Ouistiti 2021
    Petzl Ouistiti 2021

    PETZL OUISTITI 2021 Comfortable and versatile full-body harness for children less than 30 kg

    Designed for children, the little outdoor sports enthusiasts such as canyoneers, cavers, via ferrata practitioners, climbers and small…

    € 65,00 € 59,95
  • NEW 2021

    Edelrid Fraggle III
    Edelrid Fraggle III

    EDELRID FRAGGLE III With this padded full body harness even young canyoneers, cavers, via feratta practitioners, climbers and little mountaineers weighing up to 40 kg can enjoy a scramble. The stiff construction with the fixed leg…

    € 60,00 € 59,95
  • Petzl Picchu version 2021
    Petzl Picchu version 2021

    PETZL PICCHU VERSION 2021 Nice colored helmet for children. Suitable for caving, canyoning and other mountain sports and also for bikes!Children’s climbing and cycling helmet with enhanced protection Designed for children, the…

    € 50,00 € 47,50
  • New 2021

    Edelrid Kids Shield II
    Edelrid Kids Shield II

    EDELRID KIDS SHIELD II Edelrids popular softshell helmet with a stylish design perfect for children and teenagers.
    The little outdoor sports enthusiasts such as canyoneers, cavers, via ferrata practitioners, climbers and small…

    € 60,00 € 53,95
  • AustriAlpin HMS MiniMi
    AustriAlpin HMS MiniMi

    AUSTRIALPIN HMS MINIMI For canyoneers and climbers!

    Small, light and practical! The MiniMi is the little sister of the Rondo. The MiniMi has the advantages of a fresh design and a rounded profile, which features both the rope…

    € 10,99
  • AV Barbaira Junior
    AV Barbaira Junior

    AV BARBAIRA JUNIOR Canyoning protective seat in PVC 1100 dTex 700 g/m² for children.
    Belt and thigh loop fastening by three clips.
    Efficient protection for both the sit harness and canyoning neoprene suit.∙ Sizes available for…

    € 16,95
  • AV Muruck Kids
    AV Muruck Kids

    AV MURUCK KIDS The Muruck Kids is the most recent harness designed by AV. With its low attachment point and integral chest harness, it will be of interest to all types of cavers for kids.

    The Muruck Kids is completely adjustable…

    € 69,95 € 59,95
  • AV Rochas Junior
    AV Rochas Junior

    AV ROCHAS JUNIOR Simple potholing overall for children and youth. Flexible and robust at the same time, made of 500D Cordura. The overall has a collar with a fleece lining. The suit has no hood and no reinforcements. On the…

    € 93,50 € 89,95
  • CT Eclipse
    CT Eclipse

    CT ECLIPSE Multipurpose helmet for women and children designed for mountaineering, climbing, via ferrate and adventure parks.

    Main characteristics:

    ∙ close-fitting form designed for smaller heads (babies and women);
    ∙ light…

    € 52,90
  • CT Galaxy
    CT Galaxy

    CT GALAXY All-round mountaineering helmet, recommended for ice climbing, sport climbing and via ferrata.

    Main characteristics:

    ∙ ergonomic shell design;
    ∙ lightweight, comfortable and excellent ventilation provided by…

    € 52,90
  • CT K-Advance
    CT K-Advance

    CT K-ADVANCE Climbing Technology K-Advance Perfect carabiner for themselves knotted lanyard or fixed carabiner on the delta of your belt as a connection with the eight.

    Hot forged light alloy carabiner with double gate, ideal…

    € 18,95
  • CT Venus Plus
    CT Venus Plus

    CT VENUS PLUS Multipurpose helmet designed for use in adventure parks, canyoning, via ferrata and climbing courses.Main characteristics:

    ∙ wraparound shell with a reduced size;
    ∙ lightweight, comfortable and well ventilated,…

    € 49,95
  • OUT of STOCK

    Edelrid Fraggle II children's climbing harness
    Edelrid Fraggle II children's climbing harness

    EDELRID FRAGGLE II CHILDREN'S CLIMBING HARNESSThe Edelrid Fraggle II climbing harness is a soft padded full body harness for children up to 40 kg. The padding ensures that the shape is maintained so that children can attract the…

    € 64,95
  • Edelrid Ultralight Junior
    Edelrid Ultralight Junior

    EDELRID ULTRALIGHT JUNIOR A classic design junior helmet well suited to outdoor centres and walls

    The junior version of the legendary Ultralight. Provides the same outstanding protection as the adult model. This junior helmet has…

    € 51,00
  • Mes premiers petits pas sous-terre dans le Doubs
    Mes premiers petits pas sous-terre dans le Doubs

    Language: FrenchCaving guidebook for caving with children: This book will allow you to discover caves accessible by the whole family. 20 caves…

    € 5,00
  • Petzl Body
    Petzl Body

    PETZL BODY Padded shoulder straps to be used in conjunction with a child's seat harnessBODY shoulder straps are designed to be used in conjunction with a MACCHU style child's seat harness. They help maintain and upright position…

    € 29,95
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