Trekking / hiking poles

 The trekking / hiking / telescopic poles support you on a challenging hike through the mountains. They are as light and compact as possible, making them easy to take with you when you no longer need them.
Walking sticks are part of the standard equipment of many hikers, hikers, backpackers and snowshoers. They increase your stability and can reduce pressure on your knees and provide extra support on all types of terrain.
Canyonzone only has walking sticks in its range that are adjustable in length.
Ultra-light poles: These offer the advantage of less weight and are also easier to carry because they are buildable.

Shaft material

The material of the shaft is the determining factor in the total weight.

  • Aluminum: The more durable and economical choice. Aluminum poles usually weigh between 500 and 650 grams per pair. The specific weight (and price) may vary based on the diameter of the poles, which ranges from 12 to 16 mm. Under high pressure the aluminum can bend, but is unlikely to break.
  • Carbon Fiber: The lighter, more expensive option. Carbon fiber sticks vary roughly between 350 and 500 grams per pair. They reduce vibration, but under high pressure, carbon fiber poles are more likely to break or splinter than aluminum poles. If you're heading out into rugged, remote areas this is something to keep in mind.

Material handles

  • Cork: This resists moisture from sweaty hands, reduces vibrations and molds best to your hands.
  • Foam: This absorbs moisture from sweaty hands best and feels the softest.
  • Rubber: This protects the hands against cold, shock and vibration, making it particularly suitable for use in cold areas. However, there is more chance of chafing or blisters with sweaty hands, which makes rubber handles less suitable for use in warm weather.

Good to know

  • Wrist straps: Most walking sticks have adjustable straps, so you always have a good fit. Models with padded or padded straps can prevent chafing.
  • Baskets: Hiking poles usually come with a small, removable trekking basket on the end. Larger baskets can be useful on snow or muddy surfaces.
  • Tip of the stick: Carbide or steel tips are often used to create friction, even on ice. Rubber tip protectors extend the life of the ends of your poles and protect your equipment when the poles are in your luggage. They are also useful for use in sensitive areas to reduce the impact on the subsurface.
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    BD FLZ customizable trekking pole features 100% carbon construction, FlickLock Pro adjustability and a three-piece folding shaft. Optimized joint support and stiffness for increased durability.

  • BD Trail Back Trekking Poles
    BD Trail Back Trekking Poles

    The ultra-functional BD Trail Back Trekking Poles provide stability and ease of adjustment. EVA foam handle provides consistent comfort, good grip and better control in all conditions. Has FlickLock® adjustment. Weight: 534g.


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