Emergency ascenders

 Every canyoneer of the canyoning party should carry Prusik loops and know how to use them - one short loop for attachment to your harness and a longer foot loop. You may also consider carrying an additional shorter loop which will come in handy if you need to setup a progress capture device for hauling. Prusik loops are also used in a variety of rescue setups and self-belay for abseiling.

A VT Prusik or Valdotain Tresse is another friction knot that is becoming increasing popular in the canyoning world - you can either make your own or buy one such as the Bluewater VT Prusik.

There are of course a number of mechanical ascenders available which make rope ascension so much easier, ranging from ultralight devices such as the Petzl Tibloc which also makes a great progress capture device through to the Petzl Basic and Petzl Ascension. Even if you do carry mechanical ascenders it is always a good idea to carry Prusik loops.

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  • Beal Jammy 50cm sewn prusik
    Beal Jammy 50cm sewn prusik

    Sewn rope sling 5.5mm, length 50cm, made with an aramid core and polyamide sheath. When configured as a prusik, it can be used with single or half rope, on one or both half ropes.

    € 15,60 € 14,60
  • Petzl Tibloc Black
    Petzl Tibloc Black

    Ultra-light, very compact rope clamp for ascending on rope, lifting system or for replacing the self-locking knots in self-rescue situations. Stainless steel comb with slanted teeth, self-cleaning slot holds rope securely. Black.

    € 42,00 € 38,95
  • CT Ascender simple PLUS
    CT Ascender simple PLUS

    Multi-use light-alloy right-hand rope rope clamp for climbing ropes or as a tow/rescue clamp. Cam opening lever usable with one hand. Two mounting holes for different possible applications.

    € 62,90
  • AustriAlpin OVALO
    AustriAlpin OVALO

    Is the perfect carabiner as a safety device, always rotates automatically in the longitudinal direction; screw cap with aluminum thread and retaining ring. Use for caving to equip cords and make a tackle rack for canyoning

    € 14,95
  • Kong Pirata BLACK
    Kong Pirata BLACK

    Descender/Ascender designed for rope access and positioning work. Professional work activities: metal structures, rope access, confined spaces, tree climbing/tree nursery, ropeway evacuation, sailboats, roof/inclined plane. Black.

    € 138,95 € 118,95


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