Emergency ascenders

 Every canyoneer of the canyoning party should carry Prusik loops and know how to use them - one short loop for attachment to your harness and a longer foot loop. You may also consider carrying an additional shorter loop which will come in handy if you need to setup a progress capture device for hauling. Prusik loops are also used in a variety of rescue setups and self-belay for abseiling.

A VT Prusik or Valdotain Tresse is another friction knot that is becoming increasing popular in the canyoning world - you can either make your own or buy one such as the Bluewater VT Prusik.

There are of course a number of mechanical ascenders available which make rope ascension so much easier, ranging from ultralight devices such as the Petzl Tibloc which also makes a great progress capture device through to the Petzl Basic and Petzl Ascension. Even if you do carry mechanical ascenders it is always a good idea to carry Prusik loops.

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  • Beal Jammy 50cm sewn prusik
    Beal Jammy 50cm sewn prusik

    BEAL JAMMY 50CM SEWN PRUSIK 5.5 mm sewn rope sling made with an aramid core and polyamide sheath. When configured as a prusik it can be used with single or half rope, on one or both half ropes. Aramid/Polyamid.



    € 14,00 € 13,95
  • Petzl Tibloc Black
    Petzl Tibloc Black

    PETZL TIBLOC BLACK A completely new designed TIBLOC. Slightly larger and now with a plastic cover to exert pressure on the carabiner.

    Ultra-light and very compact riser for rising on rope, hoisting system or for replacing the…

    € 32,67 € 29,95
  • CT Ascender simple PLUS
    CT Ascender simple PLUS

    CT ASCENDER SIMPLE PLUS​ Multi-use light-alloy right-hand rope ascender for climbing ropes or as a clamp for hauling/rescue.

    Main characteristics:

    ∙ cam opening lever usable with one hand; system for unlocking the cam, with…

    € 48,99
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