Foot loops

 With a foot loop / stair cord you reduce the force required for vertical movement with an ascender
The right combination of a ascender and a foot loop or foot clamp is important to be able to move smoothly and quickly in the ropes. By using a foot loop, one can stand in a rope during a climb.
Also important in emergency situations.
CanyonZone also has adjustable strap or rope foot loops.

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  • Alp Design Miky
    Alp Design Miky

    ALP DESIGN 096 MIKY Light pedal made of Dyneema fine cord with buttonhole for the foot made of reinforced ribbon.

    Self customizing pedal at length by knotting.

    ∙ Length dyneema: 125cm
    ∙ Length full pedal: 170cm
    ∙ Weight: 64 g

    € 18,95
  • Alp Design Pedale
    Alp Design Pedale

    ALP DESIGN PEDALE Adjustable pedal reinforced to withstand abrasion.

    ∙ Material: polyamide.
    ∙ Weight: 100 g

    € 15,95
  • AV Footup Plus
    AV Footup Plus

    The Aventure Verticale (AV) Footup Plus is manufactred in Dyneema®, product known for its flexibility and great resistance, this footloop will be appreciated for its ease of use.
    Material very resistance to abrasion and cuts.

    € 19,95
  • Beal Air Step - Foot Loop
    Beal Air Step - Foot Loop

    BEAL AIR STEP - FOOT LOOP Adjustable footloop with quick adjusting system around the foot for ascending fixed ropes with an ascender. A stiffener has been placed in the footloop to keep it open. The innovative 'on/off' function of…

    € 17,95
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    MTDE Footloop  for community use
    MTDE Footloop for community use

    MTDE FOOTLOOP FOR COMMUNITY USE Ideal footloop for ease of adjustment for club equipment and learning.

    ∙ Fabric material: polyamide. Dyneema cord: in 5.5 mm.
    ∙ Foot loops (2): in 26 mm straps.
    ∙ Adjustment: from 70 to 120…

    € 14,95
  • Petzl Footape
    Petzl Footape

    PETZL FOOTAPE Adjustable foot loop Together with a rope clamp used to climb down a rope

    Thanks to the mini Double Back buckle length is easily adaptable.

    The reinforced foot loop is resistant to abrasion and ensures that you can…

    € 18,95
  • Petzl Footcord
    Petzl Footcord

    PETZL FOOTCORD The Petzl Footcord adjustable foot loop is used in combination with a riser clamp for the hand.
    Attach the Footcord a hand ascender, for example with a small Petzl Maillon Rapide no 5.∙ Durable construction of…

    € 25,00 € 23,95
  • Rodcle Pedal Doble 120
    Rodcle Pedal Doble 120

    RODCLE PEDAL DOBLE 120 Two feet / double foot pedal adjustable length (make a overhand loop to customized on your right length).

    ∙ Made of Dyneema cord (120cm)
    ∙ Reinforced belt with elastic cord to keep one foot in place

    € 24,95 € 16,99
  • NEW 2017

    Rodcle Pedal Doble 135 +R
    Rodcle Pedal Doble 135 +R

    RODCLE PEDAL DOBLE 135 +R Is a adjustable foot system. Pedal with regulator. Two feet. Dyneema sling.

    € 33,95
  • Rodcle Pedal Simple 120
    Rodcle Pedal Simple 120

    RODCLE PEDAL SIMPLE 120 Foot pedal adjustable length (make a overhand loop to customized on your right length).

    ∙ Made of Dyneema cord
    ∙ Reinforced tape with elastic cord to hold the foot in place
    ∙ Adjustable webbing…

    € 18,95
  • Rodcle Pedal Simple 135 +R
    Rodcle Pedal Simple 135 +R

    SIMPLE PEDAL RODCLE 135 + R Staircase string made from Dyneema sling and where the length is adjustable.
    One of the main features of these models is that the stair string can be easily unloaded blocker side; so independently or…

    € 21,95
  • Rodcle Regulador 5
    Rodcle Regulador 5

    RODCLE REGULADOR 5 Device for regulating the longitude of a loop rope 5mm.

    € 7,95
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