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  Within the various functions that lanyards have at Canyoning, Caving and Via ferrata, such as anchoring, workplace restriction, work positioning and fall protection, various types of lanyards can be distinguished such as adjustable, plastic or metal, with shock absorber and with an I or a Y shape.

Static and adjustable lanyards

  • A static lanyard has a fixed length. This is e.g. suitable for attaching to a fixed anchor point, limiting the user's freedom of movement and for wrapping around, e.g. around a tree trunk.
  • An adjustable lanyard allows for precise positioning by operating the handle with one hand while the other hand holds the free end of the rope.

I and Y lines

  • An I-line is just a single lanyard.
  • With a Y-line the line splits so that there are two anchor points. This is useful when you need to move around, such as when climbing. While one end is anchored, the other end can be loosened and attached to a higher point. A Y line can also be used for more stable positioning.

Lanyards are often made of synthetic materials, with the inside of the line being colored differently from the outside. This becomes visible with wear. In that case, the line may no longer be used, as with other damage. Such a line is not safe for work where the line can be damaged or cut.

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  • Petzl Evolve Adjust lanyard
    Petzl Evolve Adjust lanyard

    Positioning device has two adjustable arms that allow the user to always have the ideal length adjustment for aid climbing. Arms adjust from 15 to 150 cm.

    € 70,00 € 62,99
  • Petzl Dual Canyon Guide lanyard version 2021
    Petzl Dual Canyon Guide lanyard version 2021

    Designed for canyoning, it is an easy-to-use lanyard for experienced users and guides. It allows progression on a lifeline with intermediate anchors and optimal positioning at an anchor.

    € 53,50 € 48,50
  • Petzl Dual Connect Adjustable lanyard
    Petzl Dual Connect Adjustable lanyard

    Designed for multi-pitch climbing and mountaineering, it is an adjustable dual lanyard that allows users to secure themselves to an anchor and install a rappelling system. 15 to 95 cm adjustable arm.

    € 54,95 € 49,50
  • Petzl Dual Connect Vario lanyard
    Petzl Dual Connect Vario lanyard

    Is an adjustable double lanyard designed to self-tie or move along a traverse line when canyoning. The length of the fixed arm can be adjusted according to the user's needs.

    € 58,00 € 52,95
  • Petzl Dual Canyon Club lanyard
    Petzl Dual Canyon Club lanyard

    Is an easy-to-use lanyard designed for groups. It allows progression on a lifeline with intermediate anchors, and positioning at an anchor. It attaches easily to the Petzl CANYON CLUB harness with a simple girth hitch.

    € 30,00 € 26,95
  • CAMP SWING - Adjustable rope lanyard
    CAMP SWING - Adjustable rope lanyard

    Adjustable self-belay line for quick, easy and safe placement at anchors. The self-belay line (lanyard) is attached to the harness attachment point and secured to the anchor using a carabiner.

    € 40,00 € 37,95
  • CT Ypsilon
    CT Ypsilon

    Is an innovative asymmetrical sling in durable 16 mm polyamide, ideal for mountaineering, caving and canyoning. Innovative loop two arms of different lengths (30 and 60 cm) to facilitate rope maneuvers.

    € 19,95 € 17,50
  • Kong Slyde
    Kong Slyde

    Self-locking plate Slyde (even thought it was not designed to be an "energy dissipator") it may also be used to reduce the force of impact of a fall, by acting as a shock absorber.
    Slyde is ordinarily used as an adjustable longe

    € 8,95
  • Self knots lanyard (excluding / including carabiners)
    Self knots lanyard (excluding / including carabiners)

    Lanyard, Lifeline or cowstail, are the lines that connect your belt to an anchor point. At CanyonZone, the lanyard can be purchased as a self-tie DIY package with 2.3 m of dynamic rope, including or excluding carabiners.

    € 8,95
  • CT Multi Chain
    CT Multi Chain

    This innovative daisy multi chain offers the ultimate solution to the safety problems of the original daisy chains, as it consists of a series of individually sewn loops. Extremely strong and very user-friendly.

    € 49,95 € 44,95
  • Petzl Spelegyca
    Petzl Spelegyca

    Asymmetrical lanyard in Y shape, used for caving and canyoning. This lanyard is often used in combination with a rope clamp to ascend along a rope and to traverse horizontally along a safety line.

    € 30,00 € 26,95
  • Beal Dynaconnexion 40/80
    Beal Dynaconnexion 40/80

    Is a sewn sling made of dynamic rope to securely attach carabiners to belays, to facilitate maneuvers before abseiling, but also to extend a belay point when climbing.

    € 24,95
  • Beal Dyna Double Clip
    Beal Dyna Double Clip

    Is a sling which is extremely suitable for a stand / resting place, partly because the end points are sewn in. A long and a short sling ideal for abseil.

    € 25,95 € 23,95
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