Instruction books, technical manuals, technical manuals, training and textbooks, first aid outdoor for cavers and canyoneers in the French language are included in the CanyonZone database.

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  • CANYONING : initiation et perfectionnement
    CANYONING : initiation et perfectionnement

    Contains specific information for the practitioners in the analysis and management of the risks of canyoning, so that they can practice the techniques of progression and with equipment, achieve maximum safety.

    € 36,95
  • CANYONISME - L'essentiel - Part 1
    CANYONISME - L'essentiel - Part 1

    For all beginners and motivated and for those who want to discover, are hands-on and want to become autonomous to move in the canyons of easy to medium difficulty.

    € 20,00
  • CANYONISME - L'essentiel - Part 2
    CANYONISME - L'essentiel - Part 2

    All techniques presented in this book are adapted "for real life", easy to remember and understand. They are used by all players in the canyon community, professional and enthusiast.

    € 25,00
  • Canyonisme : manuel technique
    Canyonisme : manuel technique

    The technical manual is for practitioners seeking autonomy in their outings. Covers techniques specific to canyoning (progress in vertical and aquatic environment) and overview of organization.

    € 39,95
  • Manuel professionnel Canyonisme
    Manuel professionnel Canyonisme

    This book is aimed at independent canyoneers who want to qualify as a full-fledged guide. Includes topics you need to know and be able to do as a canyoning guide, such as team progress, group supervision and teaching.

    € 32,95
  • Manuel Technique de Canyonisme (2019)
    Manuel Technique de Canyonisme (2019)

    This new technical manual, completely new, will introduce you or strengthen your skills with effective and proven techniques, the result of the work of the troops of the French caving federation (canyoning school).

    € 28,00
  • Premiers Secours
    Premiers Secours

    The techniques described here make it possible to deal with a sports accident in the event that the rescue services are remote or difficult to reach, hence the notion of "isolated environment".

    € 16,95
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