Instruction books, technical manuals, technical manuals, training and textbooks, first aid outdoor for cavers and canyoneers in the French language are included in the CanyonZone database.

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  • CANYONING : initiation et perfectionnement
    CANYONING : initiation et perfectionnement

    CANYONING : INITIATION ET PERFECTIONNEMENT A new handbook with many techniques for canyoning.

    Author's Preface:
    A study conducted as part of the training at the State diploma Canyoning has taught me that practitioners themselves…

    € 29,95
  • CANYONISME - L'essentiel - Part 1
    CANYONISME - L'essentiel - Part 1

    CANYONISME - L'ESSENTIEL - PART 1 Language: French
    Author (s): collective work - FFME - 2017

    Everything you need to know to start self-employed canyoning. From beginner to light advanced.

    It is in the simplicity, accessibility…

    € 20,00
  • NEW 2021

    CANYONISME - L'essentiel - Part 2
    CANYONISME - L'essentiel - Part 2

    CANYONISME - L'ESSENTIEL - PART 2 Language: French
    Author (s): collective work - FFME - 2021Description:

    The FFME offers you the second part of the "Essentials" of canyoning. It is intended for those who already have experience…

    € 25,00
  • Canyonisme : manuel technique
    Canyonisme : manuel technique

    CANYONISME: MANUEL TECHNIQUE Author(s): Collective work of the Canyons of the Committees FFS and FFME - 2007
    New 2007 edition.A team of specialists Canyon FFS Commission and officially codified FFME exploring canyons.

    ∙ Comes…

    € 39,95
  • Manuel professionnel Canyonisme
    Manuel professionnel Canyonisme

    MANUEL PROFESSIONNEL CANYONISME - NOT ON STOCK NOWRe-edition made in mid October 2021

    Professional manual for Canyoning: it is there!Language: French

    The manual written for commercial guides. In addition to a reference for…

    € 32,95
  • Manuel Technique de Canyonisme (2019)
    Manuel Technique de Canyonisme (2019)

    MANUEL TECHNIQUE DE CANYONISME (2019) Written by the French caving federation (Fédération française de spéléologie)

    Language: French
    Format: 16,7×24,2cm
    304 pagesYou were all waiting for it … The new technical canyoning…

    € 28,00
  • Premiers Secours
    Premiers Secours


    Language: French

    "Originally developed for canyoning, this book should accompany those who live in an isolated environment, far from any organized help and…

    € 16,95
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