Premiers Secours

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Premiers Secours


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"Originally developed for canyoning, this book should accompany those who live in an isolated environment, far from any organized help and especially leaders or guides in charge of a group." As knowledge of the environment and training in progression techniques is of fundamental importance ...

For a good outdoor activity, basic knowledge of health and first aid in the event of an accident would allow a victim and sometimes to survive in anticipation of specialized assistance. Some actions are affordable for everyone without special skills in first aid. Others require specific training. We hope that these few cards, even if they are not complete, will help to prevent a trivial incident from turning into a serious accident. "

The techniques described here make it possible to cope with a sports accident in the event that the rescue services are remote or difficult to reach, hence the concept of "isolated environment". The proposed techniques therefore depart considerably from the techniques that have been approved for the general public and should be used with caution in this regard.

The guide deals with:
- Traumatic spine, with a technique of immobilization of the neck using an improvised neck collar;
- Unconscious breathing with conventional PLS
- immobilization of a fracture with a splint and tires,
- the slope on an improvised stretcher,
- the hot spot technique to control hypothermia,
- waiting positions,
- wounds and bleeding,
- drownings
- the behavior to adopt in different situations (malaise, bite ...)
- preparation for a winch,
- the dressing box and the medicines.

The booklet we offer is completely waterproof.

Composed of 32 pages in color with more than 34 explanatory drawings and some photos. The booklet contains warning and follow-up cards for the wounded who are also resistant to water.

A small pencil is provided in the spiral of the notebook to use the warning and tracking cards. The set is protected in its transparent plastic bag.

This booklet is made to take the canyon in your barrel or waterproof bag.

Composition of the booklet:

  • A booklet of 32 water-resistant pages in B6 spiral format with 34 drawings - 4 photos.
  • Three waterproof folded sheets of A4, Alert and Follow-up.
  • A bag.
  • A pencil.


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