Caving (basic) equipment

 Much material you use in Caving is also used / is good to use in canyoning and vice versa.

See the articles under Canyoning (base) equipment.

This section only includes the more specific potholing articles.

  • Suits / Overalls
  • under suits
  • Bags
  • Miscellaneous

Below is a table that lists what contains the basic equipment of an independent caver (should) (s) in the cave itself.
This is what is sure to bring in the cave!
Everything you need as a starting caver is offered in attractive packages.
See our extensive assoriment.

Caving equipment & material - in the cave (new practitioner, personal equipment)​

Caving equipment & material - in the cave (new practitioner, collective material)

NOTE: Everyone uses the same material as you want at the end of a cave tour with the same material back home, you can mark it best with heat shrink, paint or tape !!

For the more advanced techniques have obviously different and more material is needed. We advise you gladly.


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