Canyoning shoes

 Canyoning Shoes especially for canyoneering trips. Good canyoning shoes are what you need for your canyoning adventure. For your own and other people's safety, it is highly recommended to wear canyoning shoes. It also makes your trip much more fun and you can stand on (wet) rocks that you normally cannot stand on.

Pay attention to the shoes,  neoprene socks affect the required size

For sizing charts clothes and shoes / boots see by brand: sizing charts for each brand.

See here for Shoe size: how to measure or convert.

To avoid "fragrant shoes" see Boot bananas.

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  • SALE

    Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace 2020 canyonshoes
    Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace 2020 canyonshoes

    ADIDAS TERREX HYDRO LACE 2020 CANYONSHOES ROBUST, HIGH SHOES FOR LONG CANYON TOURS.Check your anchor again and rappel with confidence in these shoes made for canyoning. They meet the tough, varied demands of canyoning, and feel…

    € 150,00 € 134,99
  • NOW available

    Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace 2021
    Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace 2021

    ADIDAS TERREX HYDRO LACE 2021 For all you lovers of water sports – the Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace 2021!

    These technical watersports shoes have everything you could possibly need for your canyon adventure. The shoes boast an…

    € 150,00 € 142,50
  • Available on demand

    Bestard Aqua Pro Hidroline
    Bestard Aqua Pro Hidroline

    BESTARD AQUA PRO HIDROLINE After the success of the boot Canyon Guide, we now present its "little brother/sister". The Aqua Pro is a low cut, lightweight, versatile and technical shoe designed to give optimal performance in both…

    € 180,80 € 159,95
  • Bestard Canyon Guide
    Bestard Canyon Guide

    BESTARD CANYON GUIDE This new and revolutionary boot has been designed and manufactured specifically to offer maximum performance in adventure-sport activities where humid conditions and wet, slippery environments are the norm:…

    € 186,95 € 166,98
  • NEW

    Bestard Canyon Guide Black
    Bestard Canyon Guide Black

    BESTARD CANYON GUIDE BLACK This boot has been designed and manufactured specifically to offer maximum performance in adventure-sport activities where humid conditions and wet, slippery environments are the norm: caving, canyoning,…

    € 192,95 € 169,95
  • Bestard Canyon Guide Lady
    Bestard Canyon Guide Lady

    BESTARD CANYON GUIDE LADY After the positive response to our CANYON GUIDE model from many happy users in a big variety of water activities such as canyonering, caving, coasteering, whitewater kayaking, rafting, monsoon trekking…

    € 186,95 € 166,98
  • Bestard Canyon Guide SAR
    Bestard Canyon Guide SAR

    BESTARD CANYON GUIDE SAR Introducing the new Bestard SAR boot, designed by an experienced canyon guide and Rescue 3 Instructor and manufactured in Mallorca, they are based on the well proven Bestard Canyon Guide boot and are…

    € 196,95 € 171,95
  • Bestard Wildwater Pro 2019 - Black/Red - Unisex
    Bestard Wildwater Pro 2019 - Black/Red - Unisex

    BESTARD WILDWATER PRO - BLACK/RED - UNISEX As its name suggests, this is a new very exciting boot for whitewater activities, such as canyoning, rafting, kayaking, etc.

    Several customers have been asking Bestard to present a new,…

    € 178,90 € 162,99
  • Back in collection

    Etché Mic Canyon
    Etché Mic Canyon

    ETCHé MIC CANYON The Mic Canyon is a rubber speleo- and canyon shoe with very good grip on wet, loose surfaces. This shoe has no lining.

    ∙ Good resistance to abrasion.
    ∙ No lining makes it dry very quickly.
    ∙ Excellent…

    € 79,90
  • Fitwell Aquator
    Fitwell Aquator

    FITWELL AQUATOR Innovative shoe specifically designed for canyoning Precision, robustness and lightness of a shoe with laces, closed and protected by a gaiter that keeps out or get in debris. Upper nylon - mesh net coupled with…

    € 214,00 € 192,95
  • NEW 2021

    Fitwell Chameleon
    Fitwell Chameleon

    FITWELL CHAMELEON Innovative shoe, specific for canyoning. These are the 2021 version of the Fitwell boot: no gaiter, eyelets for laces. I wore these boots for 2 years and they are still going… VERY different than the Canyoneers…

    € 179,00 € 162,95

    Five Ten Canyoneer 3
    Five Ten Canyoneer 3

    FIVE TEN CANYONEER 3 Canyoning combines the features of walking over rocks and water without problems. Five Ten has always been a leader in canyoning and is makes already 20 years canyoning schoes. The Canyoneer 3 is the latest in…

    € 150,00 € 119,99


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