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Descend devices for use on rope.CanyonZone has an extensive range of descent and belay devices. These are not only suitable for caving and canyoning. See the different subheadings under Descending. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • CT Acles DX
    CT Acles DX

    Descend device is ideal for canyoning or caving and suitable for single ropes. Is equipped with an additional hook, so that the device can be installed in a rope without unclipping it from the belt.

    € 64,00
  • Kong Banana
    Kong Banana

    Descendur for SRT. Fixed wheels for speleologists, designed to descend on a single rope. The Banana descent offers different features that make the device more convenient and reliable than conventional downtime devices.

    € 65,95 € 47,95
  • Kong Pirata BLACK
    Kong Pirata BLACK

    Descender/Ascender designed for rope access and positioning work. Professional work activities: metal structures, rope access, confined spaces, tree climbing/tree nursery, ropeway evacuation, sailboats, roof/inclined plane. Black.

    € 138,95 € 118,95
  • Petzl Freino Twist Lock
    Petzl Freino Twist Lock

    Is a twist lock carabiner with integrated brake pawl for use with descenders to create friction that provides additional braking action. The descent hand is thus less stressed. To be used on single ropes.

    € 45,00
  • Petzl Freino Z
    Petzl Freino Z

    Is an auto-locking twistlock carabiner with brake track in one, designed for the descenders of the Petzl STOP 2019 and Petzl SIMPLE 2019. It allows the user to increase or control the braking action of the descent.

    € 48,00 € 45,75
  • Petzl Freino Z TL
    Petzl Freino Z TL

    Is a carabiner has a friction track for adding or adjusting friction during the descent. compatible with I'D S, I'D L, I'D EVAC and RIG self-locking descenders. Compatible with some caving descenders.

    € 46,00 € 43,95
  • Petzl SIMPLE
    Petzl SIMPLE

    Simple, lightweight descender - descender for caving. Very easy to use. The speed of the descent is controlled by varying the grip on the free end of the rope. Use on 8.5 to 11mm low stretch rope.

    € 75,00 € 69,95
  • NEW 2019

    Petzl Simple Pully 2019
    Petzl Simple Pully 2019

    Bobbin / wheel for Petzl SIMPLE descender. Extends the life of Petzl SIMPLE descenders: Upper or lower wheel for the Petzl SIMPLE (D004AA00) caving, lower wheel for the Petzl SIMPLE (D04) caving.

    € 12,00 € 10,95
  • Petzl Stop
    Petzl Stop

    Supported braking system for caving. The ergonomic handle provides a particularly comfortable grip and usability. Friction zones are made of stainless steel for great durability. Use with 8.5 to 11mm rope.

    € 135,00 € 122,99
  • Raumer Handy - brake carabiner
    Raumer Handy - brake carabiner

    Stainless steel rapid draw is used with abseiling and descenders called "descendeur" type for caving (with pulley), on single rope. Suitable for all descending speeds using all types of rope. Lightweight and compact.

    € 26,68


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