Exotic decend devices

  Here CanyonZone has included descending and securing devices with exotic shapes for use, among other things, for canyoning, rappelling or rock climbing.

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    Sqwurel - canyoneering rappel device with quick, easy on-the-fly friction adjustment (for long rappels). Rope diameters:​ 8 mm to 11 mm (use for one rope). 8mm to 9mm (dual rope use). 7075 T6 aluminum.

    € 69,95 € 59,95
  • Eroica Snail
    Eroica Snail

    New product for professional canyoning. It is an interesting mix between the OKA and ATK descender.
    Compatible and usable for ropes from 5 to 11 mm.
    Compatible with round and triangular carabiners.

    € 45,95

    Giro - new canyoning descender
    Giro - new canyoning descender

    Near-closed aluminum descender designed for descending in dry and "wet" canyons. Suitable for ropes from 8.5 to 10.2 mm. Should only be used by people with extensive training and canyoning experience.

    € 30,00
  • Giro vs 2 - new canyoning descender
    Giro vs 2 - new canyoning descender

    Is a quick-release aluminum descender for descending canyons, giving freedom of movement when you need it. Proper training is essential before using this descender.

    € 39,00
  • NEW model 2023

    Kong Hydrobot
    Kong Hydrobot

    Is a special tool designed for modern canyoning; it can be used with both one and two ropes and allows easy braking under load. Material: Aluminum alloy. In the color black.

    € 67,92 € 59,95
  • le Neuf (9spirit) / The Nine
    le Neuf (9spirit) / The Nine

    Self-locking safety device for use on single rope, dynamic UIAA rope from 9.1 mm to 11 mm. Use with HMS pear-shaped carabiner, D-shaped carabiners prohibited (unwanted pinching of the rope).

    € 39,90
  • Mad Rock Lifeguard
    Mad Rock Lifeguard

    The Lifeguard belay device with brake assist is compact, light and durable. For use in climbing: rope diameter from 8.9 mm to 11 mm. Hot forged aluminum and stainless steel construction.

    € 89,95 € 74,95
  • NOW available

    Mad Rock Safeguard (Springless)
    Mad Rock Safeguard (Springless)

    Perfect for canyoning use for advanced canyoneers for ascending on a rope and quick conversion to descent. Also for tension-guided abseiling and other tension rope systems. For rescue / rigging use: 8.1mm to 11mm rope.

    € 89,95 € 79,95

    Phoenix CRT
    Phoenix CRT

    The addition of "wings" allows for the application of friction, redirecting the braking position and for utilizing an easy lock-off. A traditional rigging plate functionality is possible at one end with the addition of three holes

    € 63,00

    Resonator 3000
    Resonator 3000

    Is a device that combines aspects found on several other devices into a unique versatile package that can be used in many advanced rigging scenarios. Small enough to use as a personal descender.

    € 48,50
  • Rock Exotica Totem
    Rock Exotica Totem

    This descender and belay device is designed for canyoning. The Totem has applications in other rope-related disciplines, including rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, abseiling and rescue. Rope Size: 8-10.5mm.

    € 58,95
  • SQWUREL V2 - Silver
    SQWUREL V2 - Silver

    The SQWUREL allows you to adjust the friction during use, making these situations and many others easier and safer to perform. Really excels when used with single rope techniques, rope diameters: 8 to 11mm.

    € 52,50
  • SQWUREL V3 - LD Luster - Raw
    SQWUREL V3 - LD Luster - Raw

    The SQWUREL rappel device / descender is a unique device. Makes many canyoning tasks safer and more fun. Quick and easy adjustment of friction level "on the fly" possible when device is in use and fully loaded.

    € 55,95
  • Back in stock

    Sterling ATS black
    Sterling ATS black

    Multi-use belay and descender for both rock climbing and canyoning. Suitable for the need for different friction settings. For use on rope diameters from 7.5 to 11.2mm. Colour black.

    € 54,95
  • Back in stock

    Sterling ATS green
    Sterling ATS green

    Multi-use belay and descender for both rock climbing and canyoning. Suitable for the need for different friction settings. For use on rope diameters from 7.5 to 11.2mm. Colour green.

    € 54,95
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