Resonator 3000

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Resonator 3000

 The Resonator 3000 is an experimental advanced descender designed for Recereational Canyoneering and Technical Search & Rescue. It is named Resonator 3000 because when hit with a carabiner it will produce a long lasting eerie sound resonating at a frequency of 3000Hz. The limited units currently in circulation are used by Search & Rescue technicians or their friends and family. 

Please note the Resonator 3000 is not a 'clone' of other descenders (such as the Petzl Pirana, Rock Exotica Totem, Sterling ATS, CRTR, SQWRL, etc). It is a device that combines aspects found on several other devices into a unique versatile package that can fit many advanced rigging scenario but is still small enough to be used as a personal descender.

Some of the benefits of the Resonator:

  • Although it may seem big at first look, it's footprint is just 1/2" bigger than the OKA from Kong. It's shorter than the Rock Exotica Totem but yes, it is bigger than the CanyonWerks CRITR2.
  • Unlike asymetric devices, you can use both sides, so it will last twice as long. When it start to show signs of wear, flip it and use the other side.
  • Unlike single gigi slot devices, the Resonator 2 gigi slots allow for advanced canyon rigging Twin Line setups, Twin Belays and other advanced rigging.
  • Unlike other horned devices, the Resonator has 30+ adjustable degrees of friction. It can easily be used for single person rappel, tandem rappel, rescue pickoff, etc.
  • The friction can be set with a simple swing of the hand and in case of emergency quickly released with a strong horizontal pull+wiggle (very useful for class C canyons).

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Product information:

  • Weight: 176 grams
  • Material: 7075-T6 aluminium
  • Dimensions: 139mm long, 120mm wide, 10mm thick
  • Made in: United States


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