SQWUREL V3 - LD Luster - Raw

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SQWUREL V3 - LD Luster - Raw

 Sqwurel V3 is new and improved yet tried, true and familiar. V3 is a little lighter, a little shorter, a little more narrow and offers a significant reduction in rope twist. The primary motivator for version 3 was to put serious effort into combating rope twist but the smaller size and lighter weight are both worthwhile improvements.

The SQWUREL (skwur-uhl) is an addictively fun rappel device with a serious technical bite. After two years of work and 60 iterations V1 was released May 2015. V2 was released the following year in August 2016 with minor improvements (rearranged rope retention nubs and a shorter ear). September 2019 SQWUREL V3 is ready for release with further improvements!

The SQWUREL makes many canyoneering tasks safer and more enjoyable. With the use of its unique tail, the SQWUREL allows quick easy adjustment of the friction level “on the fly” while the device is in use and fully weighted. This “on the fly“ friction adjustment is useful in many situations. Start with minimal friction to navigate an awkward start then ramp the friction up after getting over the edge. Rig with full friction to swing over to an anchor placed too far out then ramp the friction down to begin your descent. Adjust friction to lower friction mid rappel to cross over a long horizontal section or hanging pothole then ramp the friction back up to continue down. Adjust the friction as needed during a really long rappel? Adjust the friction setting while lowering a load. Simple hand movements allow adjustment of friction at anytime!

The SQWUREL can be used with single or double ropes but it really shines when used with single rope techniques.  The SQWUREL attaches to the rope without need to remove it from the carabiner or harness.

The SQWUREL rappel device / descender is a unique device and as such was given a unique spelling. The spelling is SQWUREL not squirrel, squirl, sqrrrl, squirel, etc.

  • Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 6.15 X 3.07 X 0.375 inches
  • Rope Diameters:
    • 8mm to 11mm (single rope use).
    • 8mm to  9mm (double rope use).
  • Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Made in Utah, USA  in an ISO 9001 compliant facility
  • Manufactured by: BG-Gear LLC

Click here to download the  SQWUREL V3 Instructions PDF


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