Canyoning Drysuit / Undersuit

  The Canyoning drysuit is a loose suit, so you can put on comfortable clothing and have more freedom of movement.
A dry suit is made to keep you completely dry, using a layer of air to warm your body temperature.
The suits are designed to fit loosely around your body to insulate you in extremely cold water, where a wetsuit would be too cold.
This means that you can also wear even more layers under the suit to keep yourself warm.
The suit is fully sealed to keep water out and usually has a waterproof zipper.
Dry suits are often made of neoprene, rubber or nylon.
This makes these suits ideal for water temperatures of around 19℃ (66 ℉) to 0.5℃ (33 ℉).

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  • Seland Colorado Canyoning Dry Suit
    Seland Colorado Canyoning Dry Suit

    SELAND COLORADO CANYONING DRY SUIT• Dry Suit for Canyoning and multisport ( kayak), made with Breathable fabric.
    • Four layers fabric: WP/MVP: 15,000 mm H2O/4,000 G/M2/24 hrs.
    • Outer fabric, breathable and waterproof inner…

    € 749,00 € 675,00
  • Seland Canyoning Dry Suit
    Seland Canyoning Dry Suit

    SELAND CANYONING DRY SUITSeland Dry Suit for Canyoning, made with breathable fabric.
    Textile for canyoningSpecifications

    ∙ 3 layers of breathable fabric: WRP 10000mm H2O /MVP 4000gr- m2- 24hrs.
    ∙ Breathable out shell fabric…

    € 579,00 € 525,00

    Vade Retro Dry Suit
    Vade Retro Dry Suit

    VADE RETRO DRY SUIT The suit / drysuit designed specifically for canyoning in the winter. The drysuit is made of PVC semi-breathable fabric with it handles a 420 denier Cordura Outdoor Waterproof metal YKK zipper.

    Choice of 8…

    € 629,00
  • NRS Stampede Paddling Jacket
    NRS Stampede Paddling Jacket

    NRS STAMPEDE PADDLING JACKET​ With its easy-to-wear GlideSkin™neoprene neck gasket and lightweight, breathable 4-layer Eclipse™ waterproof fabric, the NRS Stampede Jacket gives you the perfect balance between comfort and…

    € 219,95
  • AV Illamina
    AV Illamina

    The Aventure Verticale (AV) Illamina is a undersuit and is stretchable in all directions, very breathable, anti-pilling exterior very resistant to abrasion.
    A warm, flexible and quick draining undersuit in a very technical fabric.…

    € 164,95
  • Rodcle Trasgu undersuit
    Rodcle Trasgu undersuit

    RODCLE TRASGU UNDERSUIT High quality suits made of elastic 360º stretch fabric. Trasgu maintains the traditional quality of its fabric due to its wide range of thermal adjustment and high properties, but now includes improvements…

    € 148,95
  • Seland Overall Underwear Fleece suit
    Seland Overall Underwear Fleece suit

    SELAND OVERALL UNDERWEAR FLEECE SUIT Polar Fleece Undersuit for Canyoning Dry Suit / Caving Suit

    Texile for canyoningBreathable fleece overall underwear, with elastic straps for a perfect fit to ankles and wrists.
    Very warm, it…

    € 100,00 € 94,00
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