Rescue Scissors - Knife

 Rescue scissors for emergencies in canyons, caves or rope courses is what a guide should definitely have in his equipment. When nothing else can be done and after the safety rope has been attached, you can cut the lanyard, strap material or rope.

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  • Rescue Scissors
    Rescue Scissors

    Developed by CanyonZone, made for cutting ropes and slings in rescue situations. Secured by a safety lock that must be opened before use. With cover for mounting on belt or canyon suit.

    € 37,95
  • Leatherman Raptor Rescue Black (Scissors)
    Leatherman Raptor Rescue Black (Scissors)

    Securely stored in a plastic sheath, it hardly noticeably hangs from your belt or belt. But if the need arises, you quickly unfold the 'scissors' and you have access to a heavy-duty pair of blunt-tipped scissors.

    € 109,95 € 99,95
  • Edelrid Clip Scissors
    Edelrid Clip Scissors

    Scissors for cutting ropes and straps during work and rescue operations. The scissors are equipped with a lock so that they remain closed. Supplied with a matching sleeve to attach to your belt, bag or canyon pack.

    € 80,00 € 75,99
  • Rescue Scissors Sheath
    Rescue Scissors Sheath

    Perfect for beginners to have easy & fast access to the scissors. Made to use for canyoneers, SAR teams, mountain rescue teams.

    € 28,95
  • Rescue Scissors in Sheath
    Rescue Scissors in Sheath

    The Rescue is aimed at beginners in water sports situations, when in trouble they have to cut ropes, but they are not so "cold-blooded" to work with the "open blade" of a rescue knife!

    € 56,95


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