Exchanges and Returns

 If a product is not good, provided wrong or you are not satisfied with the product and / or delivery. Then you can return or exchange.

You will receive a new product, your money back or a voucher of the same value as the purchase you made.

Return or exchange from outside the European Union (EU) is only possible after consultation. This is because of import duties, VAT and customs clearance fees (excise and other charges).

Request Return Request
Before returning a product, you must first submit a return request. This can be done quickly and easily via this link (return request). Send the completed email to You will receive a response / copy of the request by e-mail, which you must add to the return product together with the purchase invoice (or copy). If you return the product without a return request, the processing will be slower.

How do I return / exchange
It is always possible that an article / delivery is not satisfactory.
No problem, you can return it or exchange it within 14 days of receipt of the product. Follow the steps below.

Step 1 demand a return request to
- Fill in the 'return request' (see steps 2 and 3), send the email..

Step 2 fill data and information
- Fill in your contact details
- Fill the product details
- Define for any reason you wish to return the product / exchange. If you want to exchange a product, please also specify which product.

Step 3 Check the application
- Check whether the application is fully and correctly completed

Step 4 receive return / response to the request
- Send this along with the product..

Step 5 Return Shipping product
- Pack the article, along with the purchase invoice (or copy) and and the response to your request in a solid package to;
CanyonZone - t.a.v. retourproduct
Maria Rutgersstraat 49
7207GX Zutphen
The Netherlands.

The costs for return shipping are for the buyer.

Returns are at risk of the buyer. This means that CanyonZone is not liable for damage or loss of returned items. Please ask at the post office always a tracking code and keep it.

When can I return / exchange
To return a product / exchange the product must meet the following conditions.
- The product must be returned within 14 days. The period begins on the day after receipt of your order
- The item is in its original condition and if reasonably possible in the original packaging
- The product is not in use or in use damage
- The invoice / receipt (or a copy of the invoice) is still present.

Items that you can not return / exchange:
- Products that are made at the request of the customer / prepared
- Products ordered at the request of the customer to the supplier and not in our standard range occur (available online)
- Products that are damaged or show use damage
- Aspects by third parties being changed to the product
- Products like "sale / sale" bought.

Return address
You can the product(s) send returns to the following address:
CanyonZone t.a.v. retourproduct 
Maria Rutgersstraat 49
7207GX Zutphen
The Netherlands

Once we receive the returned product will get be notified by email. Returns are at risk of the buyer. This means that CanyonZone is not liable for damage or loss of returned items. Please ask at the post office always a tracking code and keep it.

Return / exchange charge
The cost of returning a product shall be borne by the customer unless:
- The product immediately after purchase does not have the standard quality you expect
- The one supplied by our product is wrong

All returns must be shipped prepaid. In the above cases CanyonZone pay the shipping costs back to you. Packages that are not packed, are always refused. Mentioned in this shipment or your bank account number so that we incurred costs for sending may return.

Three options for handling the return
Once we have reviewed and processed your return request, three options to make the return run:
- You get your money refunded, this will happen after afhandling the return within 30 days.
- You will receive a voucher with the same value as the purchase price (pay at CanyonZone).
- You are trading the product. Even then, there are three more options, see below.
These options you can choose from to make the 'return request' the choice.

Additional infomation:
Money back in return: if you want refunded your money, we will need to indicate this on the 'return request. Remember to write your bank details.
Specify when refunding:
- your bank account number
- the BIC (​Business Identifier Code), also known as the SWIFT address.
- name of bank account number
Voucher in return; you can make a choice between two types of vouchers. This should be indicated on the 'return request.
- CanyonZone voucher: This voucher is valid for 1 year after issuance and can only be outsourced online.
Exchange of products, if you want to trade, there are three options:
- The new product has the same value: there is no settlement
- The new product is cheaper, the difference is sent or transferred as a voucher to your account
- The new product is more expensive, the difference will be charged to the customer. This must first be paid before the new product can be sent. Further apply to exchange the same conditions as for the return.


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