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 CanyonZone is the right place for all the necessary materials in the canyon and in the cave to practice and practice the techniques for canyoning and caving. has been the expert since early 2013 for anyone who wants to enjoy outdoor activities in the canyons and caves. With knowledge and passion, our people always provide you with the right equipment for your canyon adventure. Get inspired!

Because of our specific knowledge, such as instructor / guide / examiner canyoning and caving and continuous training, we are a specialized company that can also supply related articles, e.g. also for expedition and bivouac tours.We test many articles (see Impression CanyonZoneInstagram or Facebook) before including them in the range. Much material that you use in canyoning is also used / can be used in caving and vice versa.

CanyonZone (Zutphen) sells canyoning and caving clothing and equipment from leading brands such as Petzl, Vade Retro, Rodcle, Beal, Edelweiss, Sterling Rope, Rock Exotica, Aventure Vertical, Adidas, Bestard, Fitwell and more.

If you can not find anything in's range, you can always contact (see contact) to see if this is available. We also supply products to order, not only for caving or canyoning (see services)

Looking for a specific article, you miss an item or you have a comment, contact CanyonZone and we will see if it is obtained and can be equipped with it.

We supply worldwide. For the delivery time and cost see Shipping and pickup.

Frequently asked questions see FAQ. In the CanyonZone knowledge base you will find technical terms, decision aids, for canyoning and caving (speleology).
Note: knowledge base is still under development.

  • NEW at CanyonZone

    Edelrid Oval Power 2500 Permalock BLACK
    Edelrid Oval Power 2500 Permalock BLACK

    EDELRID OVAL POWER 2500 PERMALOCK BLACK Innovative screw gate carabiner with additional sleeve locking through the use of the smart PermaLock locking mechanism. Due to the integrated pressure lock, the carabiner’s rotating…

    € 25,00
  • New at CanyonZone

    MTDE Sherpa Spéléo
    MTDE Sherpa Spéléo

    MTDE SHERPA SPéLéO Large volume carrying bag, particularly comfortable, made of woven soft PVC, 500D. It has the advantages of a backpack adapted to the underground environment and difficult expedition conditions. Transport: 2…

    € 99,95
  • MTDE Mini Pro
    MTDE Mini Pro

    MTDE MINI PRO Mini Pro bag from the MTDE-Eco game, rectangular in shape, made of 500D PVC.
    Inside pocket with velcro closure, carrying lanyard, 2 adjustable straps, side handle.∙ Capacity: one drill + battery.
    ∙ Closure: by…

    € 39,95
  • MTDE Explo large
    MTDE Explo large

    MTDE EXPLO LARGE Models of exploration bags, comfortable with their oval shape. Careful carrying comfort (padded shoulder straps, fitted with sewn accessory rings). Increased ease of grip and transport, with 4 handles: 1 at the…

    € 66,95
  • MTDE Explo Small
    MTDE Explo Small

    MTDE EXPLO SMALLThis bag has many undeniable advantages: 4 carrying handles, 44 mm webbing shoulder straps with 1 accessory ring, an interior cordura pocket with velcro closure, a suspension cord. Closing with eyelets and cord. It…

    € 57,50
  • MTDE Protection Minikit
    MTDE Protection Minikit

    MTDE PROTECTION MINIKIT MTDE Minikit padded protection

    This protection is intended for transporting fragile equipment (flashlights, camera, etc.). It is assembled by seams, from a foam padding with a thickness of 1 cm covered…

    € 20,00
  • MTDE Protection sac
    MTDE Protection sac

    MTDE PROTECTION SAC MTDE padded protection sacIt is the ideal protection for transporting delicate equipment (perforator, batteries, etc.). It is assembled by seams, from a foam padding with a thickness of 1 cm covered with a…

    € 23,75
  • NOW available

    Vallée de la Tinée - Canyoning Alpes-Maritimes
    Vallée de la Tinée - Canyoning Alpes-Maritimes

    VALLéE DE LA TINéE - CANYONING ALPES-MARITIMES Authors: by Franck Jourdan, Jean-François Fiorina, Gilles Charles
    Language: FrenchHigh flow, dry canyons, long runs and initiation descents, the Tinée valley is the richest in…

    € 20,95


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