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 CanyonZone is the right place for all the necessary materials in the canyon and in the cave to practice and practice the techniques for canyoning and caving. has been the expert since early 2013 for anyone who wants to enjoy outdoor activities in the canyons and caves. With knowledge and passion, our people always provide you with the right equipment for your canyon adventure. Get inspired!

Because of our specific knowledge, such as instructor / guide / examiner canyoning and caving and continuous training, we are a specialized company that can also supply related articles, e.g. also for expedition and bivouac tours.We test many articles (see Impression CanyonZoneInstagram or Facebook) before including them in the range. Much material that you use in canyoning is also used / can be used in caving and vice versa.

CanyonZone (Zutphen) sells canyoning and caving clothing and equipment from leading brands such as Petzl, Vade Retro, Rodcle, Beal, Edelweiss, Sterling Rope, Rock Exotica, Aventure Vertical, Adidas, Bestard, Fitwell and more.

If you can not find anything in's range, you can always contact (see contact) to see if this is available. We also supply products to order, not only for caving or canyoning (see services)

Looking for a specific article, you miss an item or you have a comment, contact CanyonZone and we will see if it is obtained and can be equipped with it.

We supply worldwide. For the delivery time and cost see Shipping and pickup.

Frequently asked questions see FAQ. In the CanyonZone knowledge base you will find technical terms, decision aids, for canyoning and caving (speleology).
Note: knowledge base is still under development.

  • Smooth Sac small
    Smooth Sac small

    SMOOTH SAC SMALL The Smooth Sac is a stuff sack made for small diameter release cords used with various retrievable anchor systems. Primarily designed to be used as a companion to the Smooth Operator but works well with any…

    € 27,50
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    SQWUREL V3 - LD Luster - Raw
    SQWUREL V3 - LD Luster - Raw

    SQWUREL V3 - LD LUSTER - RAW Sqwurel V3 is new and improved yet tried, true and familiar. V3 is a little lighter, a little shorter, a little more narrow and offers a significant reduction in rope twist. The primary motivator for…

    € 55,95
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    Fenix HM70R
    Fenix HM70R

    FENIX HM70R The lamp gets the power for the light modes from the supplied L21-5000 battery. The maximum burning time is 100 hours, ideal for multi-day hikes. The battery status is accurately displayed by briefly pressing the…

    € 99,95
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    Beal Flat Link BLACK
    Beal Flat Link BLACK

    BEAL FLAT LINK BLACK Symmetrical, trapezoidal shaped aluminium karabiner designed to connect the top and bottom parts of a full body harness.Optimal harness connectionThe FLAT LINK symmetrical, trapezoidal shaped aluminium…

    € 17,40 € 15,70
  • Petzl Caritool Evo 2022
    Petzl Caritool Evo 2022

    PETZL Caritool Evo 2022

    Universal ice screw holder adaptable to any type of harness, for ice climbing or mountaineering.Compatible with any harness, the CARITOOL EVO is an ice screw holder that’s great for organizing your gear.…

    € 11,95
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    Canyoning in the Pacific Northwest: A Technical Resource
    Canyoning in the Pacific Northwest: A Technical Resource

    Canyoning in the Pacific Northwest: A Technical Resource Author: Kevin Clark
    ​Language: EnglishCanyoning (or canyoneering) is the sport of exploring canyons using a variety of techniques such as scrambling, climbing, wading,…

    € 36,95
  • NEW 2022

    Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace model 2022 (white/yellow)
    Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace model 2022 (white/yellow)

    ADIDAS TERREX HYDRO LACE CANYONSHOES - MODEL 2022 For all you lovers of water sports – the Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace 2022!

    These technical watersports shoes have everything you could possibly need for your canyon adventure. The…

    € 160,00 € 159,99
  • Available

    BetaStick Evo Ultra Compact
    BetaStick Evo Ultra Compact

    BETASTICK EVO ULTRA COMPACT Useful climbing telescope clip stick, up to 2.38m length

    The BETASTICK Evo is the culmination of 15 years’ experience by BETA CLIMBING DESIGNS, research and design in remote clipping devices.

    It has…

    € 73,95 € 69,95


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