Single pulley with break

  A single pulley with brake is often multifunctional: can be used as a backstop, self-securing on a suspended rope during a climb, making a lanyard to length or self-securing on the pitch, as an emergency ascender for ascending along a rope, etc.
A pulley with a backstop ensures safe movement of a person or a load.

Look in the CanyonZone range which is useful for you to add to your equipment.

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  • NOW available

    Petzl Nano Traxion
    Petzl Nano Traxion

    PETZL NANO TRAXION is an ultra-lightweight (52 g) and compact progress-capture pulley designed for tactical operations and rescue.

    Sealed ball bearings provide excellent efficiency (91 %).Setting up the rope

    ∙ Rope…

    € 70,00 € 68,95
  • NEW 2021

    Petzl SPIN L1D
    Petzl SPIN L1D

    PETZL SPIN L1D Very high efficiency single pulley with one-way rotation and swivelOpenable even when attached to the anchor, the SPIN L1D pulley is designed to be used in conjunction with a descender for maximum simplicity in…

    € 169,40
  • Beal Tract Up
    Beal Tract Up



  • Edelrid Spoc
    Edelrid Spoc

    EDELRID SPOC Ultra-light pulley with backstop. Designed for lifting loads, for clearing crevices or as an emergency rope clamp.

    ∙ Ball bearing aluminum roller for a high effective burr
    ∙ Clamping cam with cleaning slot for…

    € 65,00 € 59,50
  • Petzl Micro Traxion
    Petzl Micro Traxion

    PETZL MICRO TRAXION Petzl Micro Traxion is a lightweight pulley with rope clamp function, compact and ultra light.

    Small pulley with switchable backstop, ideal for mountaineering, also works on muddy or ICY rope. Designed for…

    € 75,00 € 69,50
  • CT RollNLock
    CT RollNLock

    The Climbing Technology (CT) RollNLock is a Roll Lock can be used as a rope clamp and pulley. He is only 80 grams a great device to hang permanently in the canyon belt. Specially designed for high work hijsmanouvres and (self)…

    € 82,50 € 74,25
  • Kong Duck
    Kong Duck

    KONG DUCK The Duck is a patented aluminum multifunctional backstop Kong. The Duck is intended for single rope with a diameter of between 8 and 13 mm, but also works on bandslinges from 10 to 15 mm wide (is not certified for…

    € 48,95
  • Petzl Pro Traxion
    Petzl Pro Traxion

    PETZL PRO TRAXION Petzl Pro Traxion - model 2014 is a high efficiency pulley-rope clamp for ropes with a diameter of 8 to 13 mm and can be used as a pulley, rope clamp and as pulley-rope clamp.


    ∙ Suitable for…

    € 109,00 € 98,99
  • NOW available

    Petzl Nano Traxion set
    Petzl Nano Traxion set

    PETZL NANO TRAXION SET NANO TRAXION is an ultra-lightweight (52 g) and compact progress-capture pulley designed for tactical operations and rescue in combination with a Petzl Sm'D Screw Lock biner and 2mm cord to connect these…

    € 83,92 € 79,95
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