Single pulley with break

  A single pulley with brake is often multifunctional: can be used as a backstop, self-securing on a suspended rope during a climb, making a lanyard to length or self-securing on the pitch, as an emergency ascender for ascending along a rope, etc.
A pulley with a backstop ensures safe movement of a person or a load.

Look in the CanyonZone range which is useful for you to add to your equipment.

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  • Beal Tract Up
    Beal Tract Up

    Is a compact micro blocker for rope climbing. Allows light loads to be lifted and can be used as an emergency clamp for lifting and rescue operations. RECALLED BY BEAL.

  • CT RollNLock
    CT RollNLock

    Can be used both as a rope clamp and as a pulley. Only 80 grams great for hanging permanently on the canyon belt. For work at height, lifting maneuvers and (self)rescue operations. Can also be used on an adjustable lanyard.

    € 82,50 € 74,25
  • Edelrid Spoc
    Edelrid Spoc

    Ultra-light pulley with backstop. For lifting loads, clearing crevices or as an emergency cable clamp. Ball bearing aluminum roller for high effective burr. The backstop can be locked in the open position.

    € 70,00 € 66,00
  • Kong Duck
    Kong Duck

    Aluminum multifunctional backstop for single rope with a diameter between 8 and 13 mm, but also works on belt slings from 10 to 15 mm wide. Can be used as a backstop, self-securing on a suspended rope.

    € 48,95
  • Petzl SPIN L1D
    Petzl SPIN L1D

    High-efficiency single pulley with one-way rotation and swivel. Use in conjunction with a descender for maximum simplicity when setting up heavy load deflection or tow systems for work at height or rescue.

    € 169,40
  • Petzl Nano Traxion
    Petzl Nano Traxion

    Is an ultra-lightweight (52g) and compact progression securing pulley designed for tactical operations and rescues. Sealed ball bearings provide excellent efficiency. Rope 7 to 11 mm.

    € 70,00 € 68,95
  • Petzl Nano Traxion set
    Petzl Nano Traxion set

    Is an ultra-lightweight (52g) and compact pulley for securing progress, for tactical operations and rescues in combination with a Petzl Sm'D Screw Lock biner and a 2mm cord to connect together.

    € 83,92 € 79,95
  • Petzl Micro Traxion
    Petzl Micro Traxion

    Ultra-light pulley with rope clamp function with switchable backstop for crevasse rescues, hoisting operations and self-rescue techniques. Can be used as an emergency ascender. Sealed Ball Bearings. Rope: 8 - 11mm.

    € 75,00 € 69,95
  • Petzl Pro Traxion
    Petzl Pro Traxion

    Is a high-efficiency rope clamp suitable for ropes with a diameter of 8 to 13 mm and can be used as a pulley, rope clamp and pulley rope clamp. Suitable for lifting heavy loads.

    € 109,00 € 98,99
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