CT RollNLock

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CT RollNLock

De Climbing Technology (CT) RollNLock is a ultra-lightweight multipurpose device for rope work and rescue. Compact and easy to handle, it can be used in three different modes: ascender, pulley or recovery pulley.

Main features:

  • the new geometry and the different color of the cheeks make its use even more intuitive;
  • allows the ascent of a rope in compliance with EN 567 / EN 12841-B standards (ascender mode);
  • thanks to the possibility of locking the cam, it can be used as a simple pulley for lifting or transferring a load in compliance with the EN 12278 standard (pulley mode);
  • allows the direct recovery of a load, the creation of hoists and the lifting or self-lifting of a person (recovery pulley mode);
  • in pulley mode the rope is free to slide in both directions, while in recovery pulley mode it is free to slide in one direction and locks in the opposite one;
  • switching from one mode to another is intuitive and can also be done using gloves or in adverse conditions;
  • the compact size and light weight make it an ideal tool to always keep hanging from the harness just in case.

Attention! This product is not a fall arrest device (EN 353-2 / EN 12841-A) nor can it be used for self-belaying when climbing


  • Weight: 85 grams
  • UIAA
  • CE
  • EN 567:2013              rope:  8 ÷ 13 mm
  • EN 12841:2006-B     rope:10 ÷ 13 mm
  • EN 12278:2007          rope: ≤ 13mm


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