Repair, adjust and tailoring material

 Clothing is not always what suits you. Also, it may be useful to perform a repair instead of replace for a new product. Or meet a standard product does not yet fully meet your requirements. Thus it CanyonZone offering the service to repair your canyoning suit and other materials to adapt and to customize to your needs.
You may be devoted to:

  • Improper repair
  • A deal is a deal
  • Service and quality

You can send material or offer an appointment at Zutphen in the shop. In the event you get a cost estimate what it will cost.

Repair of all neoprene products do CanyonZone in collaboration with the "best studio in the Netherlands". This service and quality are paramount.

Material which is eligible:

  • neoprene clothing,
  • canyon / speleotassen,
  • canyon boots,
  • wear rags / spank protects lanyards.

The most common repairs and tailoring are:

  • Repairing holes and tears
  • Placing reinforcements on existing and new address (on the knees, elbows or buttocks)
  • Placing and Replacing Velcro
  • Replacing the bottom of a bag
  • Replacing the soles on footwear
  • The tailoring of wear rags on sport climbing / industrial belts

Obviously this is just a selection of our most common activities. For specific questions please contact us.

Repair Form

For our repairs as well as possible to carry out, we ask you to provide a completed "Repair form" with the repair. The form can be downloaded here.

We are really suit your size!

Northern Europeans and Dutch are among tallest people in the world. Not all manufacturers are there really responded, CanyonZone though. Despite that, we can outside of normal size collection for outstanding service offer extra large and extra small sizes. Standard sizes can be customized, but at CanyonZone is in some exceptional cases, the truly original customization available.

Custom tailor

A standard pack adjust a little bit, so it fits perfectly, is actually the best solution. The suit maintains fully fit and users know in advance exactly where they stand. After all, not everyone contributes his jeans the same way!

Discuss the possibilities

Especially for questions about fit and sizes, we take the time. Come to our showroom to discuss the options to get a perfectly fitting suit with the right sizes.


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