Rescue Blankets

 A rescue blanket has a silver-colored and a gold-colored side. With the silver side facing inwards, it is used to retain heat, for example in case of hypothermia, unconsciousness, shock, or a long stay in a cold environment.

How do you use a rescue blanket in the cold?
Do you find yourself in a situation where it is essential that body heat is lost as little as possible? Use a rescue blanket to prevent hypothermia or frostbite. An accident in cold temperatures? Or is the victim hypothermic from shock? Keep the victim warm with the first aid insulation blanket!
The silver-colored aluminum layer blocks heat and heat. Wrap the rescue blanket around yourself or someone else with the silver side inwards. The aluminum layer reflects 80% of the body heat back to the body.
The gold layer, facing outwards, can absorb heat from the sun and transport it inwards.
With the rescue blanket you keep your body as warm as possible.

How do you use a rescue blanket in heat?
Are you dealing with a lot of heat and is there a threat of overheating? Such situations can occur in sports or at high temperatures. Use the rescue blanket as an umbrella over the victim to prevent the heat of the sun from reaching him or her. Point the silver side towards the sun so that the rays reflect. Moreover: because the golden silk (which absorbs heat) is directed inwards, heat is also worked from the inside out.

The rescue blanket can also be used to send signals. Point the aluminum side towards the sun. Due to the reflection of the sun's rays, another person / care provider can notice you more quickly.

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  • Reusable rescue blanket
    Reusable rescue blanket

    Insulation blanket designed for: outdoor athletes in need who can't go any further and want to protect themselves against the wet and the cold. A safety accessory that you should always have with you in helmet or barrel.

    € 7,49
  • Reflex Rescue Blanket
    Reflex Rescue Blanket

    Reusable blanket / hypothermia blanket, also used as shelter or ground sheet, the corners are reinforced and finished with rings. Reflect Presented by the silver layer body heat and protects against hypothermia. Sizes: 200x120 cm.

    € 19,95
  • Rescue Blanket
    Rescue Blanket

    A light rescue blanket / hypothermia blanket / first aid blanket / emergency blanket that, when wrapped around the body, reflects more than 80% of the radiant heat. Protects the body from hypothermia or overheating.

    € 4,95 € 3,49


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