Foot ascenders

 Foot Ascenders / Foot risers, are serrated devices that are attached to the climber's foot by means of a lifting strap and have a spring-loaded lug in one direction that allows rapid movement on a rope. Using a foot ascender, the legs are used to climb the rope. Non-locking foot ascenders can be easily removed from the rope. Lockable foot risers lock onto the rope and must be manually unlocked to be released from the rope.

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  • CT Quick Step
    CT Quick Step

    Is there in left or right foot ascender that facilitates and expedites rope ascending in speleological operations when used in combination with Chest Ascender or Quick Up models.

    € 63,50
  • CT Quick Step Strap
    CT Quick Step Strap

    Is a Spare lower strap that fits to both right and left versions CT QUICK STEP.

    € 8,40
  • Edelrid Foot Cruiser
    Edelrid Foot Cruiser

    Advanced foot riser that allows efficient and effortless climbing on the rope. A pre-installed but removable rope safety prevents accidental release. Locking mechanism is easy to operate.

    € 66,95 € 59,95
  • Petzl Pantin Catch
    Petzl Pantin Catch

    A loose blocking pawl that can be placed on the cam of the foot ascender to make it easier and faster to open and block. The catch for PANTIN foot ascender, helps to keep the rope in the device while climbing.

    € 7,50
  • Petzl Pantin vs 3
    Petzl Pantin vs 3

    Is a foot rope clamp designed for more efficient and less tiring rope ascents. Functional and ergonomic in use. Great durability including stainless steel comb and Dyneema straps. Rope compatibility: 8 to 13 mm.

    € 63,00 € 59,95
  • Petzl Pantin Replacement strap
    Petzl Pantin Replacement strap

    Replacement Foot Strap for Pantin foot ascenders left and right, also for Petzl Patin vs 3.

    € 18,75
  • CAMP Turbofoot Evo Ascender
    CAMP Turbofoot Evo Ascender

    Innovative foot ascender, lower friction on the rope: improved efficiency soar, no wear and tear on the rope and the device. The new tire system fits all shoes. It can be used also as locking pulley, for hauling purposes only.

    € 92,00 € 84,95


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