CAMP Turbofoot Evo Ascender

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CAMP Turbofoot EVO Ascender

 The beloved Turbofoot ascender gets an upgrade with the Turbofoot Evo. Integrated rollers deliver incomparable efficiency during climbing and low wear-and-tear on both the rope and on the ascender itself. Can be used in two different modes with the flick of a switch: free the cam to allow for immediate insertion and removal or lock the cam to prevent the possibility of accidental releases.

  • The fastening straps adapt to any type of boot with auto-locking buckles for fast and secure adjustment.
  • Mud and dirt can exit through special holes in the cam to help prevent build-up.
  • Aluminum alloy main body. Precision cast stainless steel cam. Can also be used as a progress capture pulley (for material recovery purposes only, 50 kg max).
  • For ropes from 8 to 13 mm.

ATTENTION: the Turbofoot is intended for progression only and cannot be used as a life safety attachment.

Two versions are available: Left / Right
WEIGHT: 135 g (4.8 oz)

For more information see the video below:

Innovative foot-ascender which includes our new rollers system (patent pending).

  • Rollers are developed for lower friction on the rope: improved climbing efficiency, no wear-and-tear on the rope and the device.
  • New harness perfectly fits on all boots.
  • It can be used also as locking pulley, for hauling purposes only.
  • Two versions available:
    • 3261 right;
    • 3262 left.


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