Rescue in outdoor sports

 During outdoor tours such as caving, canyoning and Via Ferrata, it is not inconceivable that someone falls into the depths or has to be lifted in the event of an injury. Means for this include hoists and suitable pulleys.

 Know what you can / should do in the event of an accident: study the book, for example SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual or choose from the "Techniques & Skills" section.

In canyoning it may be necessary to throw a thin rope / line at a person. Throwing lines, whether or not in a bag, are very useful for this.

What you should have with you as standard for an outdoor activity is a rescue blanket. See for this Rescue blankets.

For advice regarding (personal) safety, see: Safety in outdoor sports.

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  • Beal Pro Rescue 60
    Beal Pro Rescue 60

    BEAL PRO RESCUE 60 Rescue bag ideal for rapid access operations. Capable of taking 60 metres of rope and basic hardware.

    Strong points:∙ Lid with transparent internal pocket to list contents.
    ∙ A clear, external panel can be…

    € 64,95
  • New at CanyonZone

    CRKT Extrik-8-R Rescue Multi-Tool
    CRKT Extrik-8-R Rescue Multi-Tool

    CRKT EXTRIK-8-R RESCUE MULTI-TOOL Extrik-8-R - Designed by James McGowanJames McGowan is a professional firefighter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Due to his passion for the outdoors, he started making "hard working knives" and…

    € 45,75
  • CT Crocodile
    CT Crocodile

    The Climbing Technology (CT) Crocodile is a multipurpose rappel/belay device made from a hot forged light allow. It has two holes, ideal for positioning the anchor, for attaching the lanyard for abseiling, rope manoeuvres and…

    € 12,00 € 9,95
  • Floating anchor Holzi
    Floating anchor Holzi

    FLOATING ANCHOR HOLZI Lightweight and simple emergency tool to use in white water, without having to clear the backpack.

    A Floating Anchor is an advanced technique similar to a guided rappel. There are a couple of different…

    € 54,00
  • Fox Rescue Tool Hook Olive
    Fox Rescue Tool Hook Olive

    FOX RESCUE TOOL HOOK OLIVE Compact safety straps for cutting rope, clothing and packaging material.
    "Boxcutter" boxes opener.

    Specifications:∙ Color Olive
    ∙ Steel Stainless Steel
    ∙ Model blade Shielded / Serrated
    ∙ Handle…

    € 16,95

    Kong 911 CANYON Rescue Stretcher Floatable
    Kong 911 CANYON Rescue Stretcher Floatable

    KONG 911 CANYON RESCUE STRETCHER FLOATABLE A real revolution for river and canyoning rescue!

    Special stretcher designed for river rescue, fitted with a dry-bag (watertight), wide padded internai webbing for a fast fixing of the…

    € 9.649,00 € 7.695,00
  • NOW available

    Mad Rock Safeguard (Springless)
    Mad Rock Safeguard (Springless)

    MAD ROCK SAFEGUARD (SPRINGLESS) Springless LifeguardBy constructing the Lifeguard without the internal spring, the Safeguard is a great tool for rescue and rigging work. It will lock onto the rope with very little force giving you…

    € 89,95 € 79,95
  • NRS Captain Rescue knife
    NRS Captain Rescue knife

    NRS CAPTAIN RESCUE KNIFE The folding, lock-blade NRS Captain Rescue Knife is a great choice for guides and swiftwater rescue professionals. Features a rope cutting hook at the tip and a quick-slicing serrated edge.

    ∙ Unique…

    € 44,95
  • Petzl JAG Rescue Kit
    Petzl JAG Rescue Kit

    PETZL JAG RESCUE KIT The Petzl Jag Rescue Kit is a ready-to-use reversible rescue kit designed for pick-off at elevation and lowering victims' checks. The 4: 1 hoist system offers the advantage that it takes less power to move a…

    € 574,75 € 349,00
  • Petzl RAD System
    Petzl RAD System

    A complete ultra-lightweight and compact kit with special cord, designed for skiers for crevasse rescue, rappelling, or roping up on a glacier to get out of a crevasse zone. Also good to use as lightweight canyoning rescue kit and…

    € 302,50 € 272,95
  • Petzl Rescue Kit
    Petzl Rescue Kit

    Kit for hauling and self-rescue (developed for crevasse rescue)

    The RESCUE KIT contains everything needed for setting up a hauling system or a rope ascent in case of a fall into a crevasse. This kit is essential for glacier…

    € 161,33 € 145,95
  • NEW 2021

    Professione Canyon - ELI Kit 15
    Professione Canyon - ELI Kit 15

    PROFESSIONE CANYON - ELI KIT 15 A new tool for helicopter rescue and mountain rescue professionals​The new rope bag for helicopter rescue and mountain rescue.

    Safety and effectiveness in rope management, Eli-Kit 15 , is the…

    € 75,00
  • NEW 2020

    Rope Rescue & Rigging Guide (Field Guide) - Third Edition
    Rope Rescue & Rigging Guide (Field Guide) - Third Edition

    ROPE RESCUE & RIGGING GUIDE (FIELD GUIDE) - THIRD EDITION Rescue book FOR CAVE, CANYON, ALPINE AND ROCKWritten and illustrated by Grant Prattley
    Language: EnglishThe Rope Rescue & Rigging Field Guide provides easy to reference…

    € 39,95
  • SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual
    SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual

    SPAR – EXPEDITION AND SMALL PARTY RESCUE MANUAL Authors: Eddy Cartaya & Rick Speaect
    Language: EnglishThis is the comprehensive Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual from Vertically Speaking. SPAR stands for Small Party…

    € 73,50
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