Chest Harness

  A chest Harness serves to stabilize the upper body and is used in addition to the seat / hip Harness. It shifts the center of gravity of the body from the hips to the chest and thus prevents the upper body from tipping over.

Chest harnesses come in two different shapes: the eight and suspenders shape. Modern chest harness are fully adjustable and can also be worn comfortably under a backpack. They offer extra security for via ferrata, outdoor tours and climbing.
Pay attention! Chest harnesses should never be used solo, but always in combination with a seat / hip harness!

A chest harness is especially useful for children, whose upper body is by far heavier in relation to the legs or when climbing with a backpack.
In addition, use is recommended if the climber does not have clearly formed hips, which could cause him to slip out of the hip belt in the event of a fall.

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  • Alp Design Artu
    Alp Design Artu

    ALP DESIGN ARTU Simple, simple yet very comfortable padded chest harness for caving.

    ∙ Material: polyamide
    ∙ One size fits all
    ∙ Weight: 104 grams

    € 29,95
  • Alp Design Doma
    Alp Design Doma

    ALP DESIGN DOMA To clamp chest strap for chest ascender. Wide and comfortable shoulder straps.Two gear loops. Easy to adjust and pull it tight with a quick buckelsysteem.

    Weight: 108 grams

    € 24,00
  • AV Speleight
    AV Speleight

    AV SPELEIGHT Caving chest harness in figure of eight, one size.
    Supplied with an "EC" G07 zinc plated link.
    33mm flat webbing with flexible cross at the back.
    Adjustable with steel ladder lock buckle."Compulsory use with caving…

    € 22,95
  • AV Spelshoulder
    AV Spelshoulder

    The Aventure Verticale (AV) Spelshoulder is a chest belt in a measure of caving and canyoning. The connection with the chest riser clamp (Croll) can be adjusted by a narrow band quick and practical. Pleasant 38mm wide adjustable…

    € 26,95
  • AV Spelshoulder Pro
    AV Spelshoulder Pro

    The Aventure Verticale (AV) Spelshoulder Pro is a one size chest straps for caving.

    ∙ 38mm comfortable chest straps, each adjustable by a double loop.
    ∙ Two webbing loops and 4 sheathed gear loops for hanging small caving…

    € 29,95
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    no image available

    CZ Elasholder

    CZ ELASHOLDER The simplest system to tension your chest ascender

    With this round elastic ring you can tension the Croll or other model chestascender when you need it in a canyon to ascend the rope. It's a compact lightweight way…

    € 8,95
  • MTDE Clasico
    MTDE Clasico

    MTDE CLASICO MTDE Clasico is a simple chest tape. A simple 3m strap in 26mm tape for comfort over the shoulder; equipped with a very quick adjust buckle, to create the basic 'figure 8' style chest harness. Can be used in various…

    € 17,95
  • MTDE Garma
    MTDE Garma

    MTDE GARMA MTDE Garma chest harness. Solid, versatile and efficient chest harness well suited to sustained SRT (when used with an appropriate sit harness, of course!). Very adjustable, with three hang points for climbing gear,…

    € 67,95
  • MTDE Piri
    MTDE Piri

    MTDE PIRI MTDE Piri chest harness (women's). Solid and efficient chest harness designed especially for women, with straps arranged to avoid the chest / breast area. As with the Garma, tightening and slackening off the harness is…

    € 59,50
  • Petzl Explo
    Petzl Explo

    PETZL EXPLO The EXPLO shoulder straps allow the CROLL ventral ascender to remain correctly positioned, in order to optimize efficiency and comfort during rope ascents when caving. Each strap is equipped with two HMPE gear loops…

    € 60,00 € 56,95
  • Petzl Secur
    Petzl Secur

    PETZL SECUR Shoulder strap for positioning of the breast ascender such as Petzl Croll or CAMP Turbo Chest.

    Petzl Secur shoulder strap fastened by a confirmation by the rear ring of the harness.
    Easy to adjust with double back…

    € 25,29
  • Petzl Torse
    Petzl Torse

    PETZL TORSE - MODEL 2021 The TORSE shoulder straps allow the CROLL ventral ascender to remain correctly positioned, in order to optimize efficiency and comfort during rope ascents when caving. The buckles adjust quickly to ensure…

    € 20,00
  • Rodcle Ergo
    Rodcle Ergo

    RODCLE ERGO Chest harness for caving. AA (auto-adaptive) system and gear carriers.

    Made of 26mm webbing with quick and easy, adjustable buckles. Highly comfortable, thanks to rear loop which ensures maximum freedom of movement…

    € 65,00
  • Singing Rock Puller
    Singing Rock Puller

    SINGING ROCK PULLER PULLER / S1100BY Accessory webbing for chest ascender fixation

    ∙ fixes the chest ascender in the right position (see Singing Rock Cam Clean)
    ∙ fixed by accessory sling or a mailon carabiner to front / back…

    € 9,95
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