Clothing for Ice canyoning

A drysuit is a hard shell for the entire body (only hands and head are free). A drysuit is interesting in many ways (it is light in the backpack, you wear dry clothing underneath and you no longer have to change clothes), but it is sensitive (to crampons and ice axes of all things) and it remains an investment. Exceptionally, some water may seep in; for that reason you wear neoprene socks in the drysuit and you can also wear a thin wetsuit as a buffer.

A semi-dry is a neoprene wetsuit with extra protection on the sleeves, neck and trouser legs, so you have less contact with water than with a classic wetsuit.

Windbreaker or kayak jacket over a neoprene to prevent repeated contact with cold water and windchill.

(Wetsuit) gloves and headgear in case of direct contact with water.

For all neoprene articles see: Canyoning Neoprene clothing.

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  • Seland Canyoning Dry Suit
    Seland Canyoning Dry Suit

    Seland drysuit / drysuit for canyoning, made of breathable fabric. 3 layers of breathable fabric. Removable outer fabric and waterproof inner membrane and tricot. Sealed inner seams. Adjustable inside elastic suspenders.

    € 599,00 € 539,00
  • Seland Colorado Canyoning Dry Suit
    Seland Colorado Canyoning Dry Suit

    Dry suit for canyoning and multisport, made of breathable fabric. Four layers of fabric. Outer fabric, breathable and waterproof inner membrane and tricot inner fabric. All seams are thermally sealed on the inside. Double closure.

    € 789,00 € 725,00
  • Typhoon Multisport 4 Drysuit / MS4
    Typhoon Multisport 4 Drysuit / MS4

    Robust suit with zipper at the back. So canyoneers have also tried this drysuit and are very happy with the model. The suit has fabric feet, ankle and wrist protectors, neoprene seals and a handy zipper.

  • WonderGrip Thermo Plus gloves
    WonderGrip Thermo Plus gloves

    Thermo Plus has a double latex coating on a acrylic liner. Waterproof and lined against the cold, this glove is specially designed for wet work in cold temperatures. Offers a good level of flexibility, warmth and comfort.

    € 10,95 € 9,75
  • Vade Retro Neopreen socks 5mm
    Vade Retro Neopreen socks 5mm

    Extra thick neoprene socks, conducted in 5mm Japanese Yamamoto neoprene.
    In black color with a colored thread that varies by size.
    ​Perfect sock for winter / ice canyoning.

    € 32,50


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