Especially for Ladies

Canyoning material for ladies

 Canyoningmateriaal designed for women, often by other women who practice canyoning.

Include neoprene suits and shoes in canyon ladies version.

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  • Alp Design X-Pile Womens
    Alp Design X-Pile Womens

    ALP DESIGN X-PILE WOMENS Womens Undersuit made from Tecnostretch

    This is our warmest and most durable caving undersuit, making it an ideal choice for cold & wet caves as well as some of the colder sytems worldwide.

    The body…

    € 114,95
  • AustriAlpin HMS MiniMi
    AustriAlpin HMS MiniMi

    AUSTRIALPIN HMS MINIMI For canyoneers and climbers!

    Small, light and practical! The MiniMi is the little sister of the Rondo. The MiniMi has the advantages of a fresh design and a rounded profile, which features both the rope…

    € 10,99
  • AV Spelshoulder Pro
    AV Spelshoulder Pro

    AV SPELSHOULDER PRO One size chest straps for caving.∙ 38mm comfortable chest straps, each adjustable by a double loop.
    ∙ Two webbing loops and 4 sheathed gear loops for hanging small caving equipment (wrench, etc...) or…

    € 24,95
  • Bestard Canyon Guide Lady
    Bestard Canyon Guide Lady

    BESTARD CANYON GUIDE LADY After the positive response to our CANYON GUIDE model from many happy users in a big variety of water activities such as canyonering, caving, coasteering, whitewater kayaking, rafting, monsoon trekking…

    € 186,95 € 166,98
  • Bestard Wildwater Pro 2019 - Black/Red - Unisex
    Bestard Wildwater Pro 2019 - Black/Red - Unisex

    BESTARD WILDWATER PRO - BLACK/RED - UNISEX As its name suggests, this is a new very exciting boot for whitewater activities, such as canyoning, rafting, kayaking, etc.

    Several customers have been asking Bestard to present a new,…

    € 178,90 € 162,99
  • Black Diamond Half Dome Womens
    Black Diamond Half Dome Womens

    BLACK DIAMOND HALF DOME WOMENS The tried-and-true construction of our classic Half Dome helmet, now with a women’s-specific design and improved design benefits.


    The Half Dome has long been a staple for climbers…

    € 57,95 € 49,95
  • SALE

    Black Diamond Vaporlock Magnetron
    Black Diamond Vaporlock Magnetron

    BLACK DIAMOND VAPORLOCK MAGNETRON The lightest pear-shaped carabiner safe, equipped with the new innovative Microwave Technology, the Black Diamond Microwave VaporLock is the ultimate lightweight locker to save weight and…

    € 29,50 € 22,00

    Black Diamond Vaporlock Magnetron HMS carabiner
    Black Diamond Vaporlock Magnetron HMS carabiner

    BLACK DIAMOND VAPORLOCK MAGNETRON HMS CARABINER The lightest pear-shaped carabiner safe, equipped with the new innovative Microwave Technology, the Black Diamond Microwave VaporLock is the ultimate lightweight locker to save…

    € 29,95 € 25,99
  • CT Eclipse
    CT Eclipse

    CT ECLIPSE Multipurpose helmet for women and children designed for mountaineering, climbing, via ferrate and adventure parks.

    Main characteristics:

    ∙ close-fitting form designed for smaller heads (babies and women);
    ∙ light…

    € 52,90
  • CT Galaxy
    CT Galaxy

    CT GALAXY All-round mountaineering helmet, recommended for ice climbing, sport climbing and via ferrata.

    Main characteristics:

    ∙ ergonomic shell design;
    ∙ lightweight, comfortable and excellent ventilation provided by…

    € 52,90
  • CT K-Advance
    CT K-Advance

    CT K-ADVANCE Climbing Technology K-Advance Perfect carabiner for themselves knotted lanyard or fixed carabiner on the delta of your belt as a connection with the eight.

    Hot forged light alloy carabiner with double gate, ideal…

    € 18,95
  • CT Venus Plus
    CT Venus Plus

    CT VENUS PLUS Multipurpose helmet designed for use in adventure parks, canyoning, via ferrata and climbing courses.Main characteristics:

    ∙ wraparound shell with a reduced size;
    ∙ lightweight, comfortable and well ventilated,…

    € 49,95
  • MTDE Piri
    MTDE Piri

    MTDE PIRI MTDE Piri chest harness (women's). Solid and efficient chest harness designed especially for women, with straps arranged to avoid the chest / breast area. As with the Garma, tightening and slackening off the harness is…

    € 53,50
  • NEW 2020

    Petzl Borea
    Petzl Borea

    PETZL BOREA Durable and versatile helmet with enhanced protection, for women

    Designed for women, the BOREA is a durable, versatile helmet suitable for canyoning, caving, via ferrata, climbing, mountaineering... The design, the…

    € 60,50 € 50,00
  • Rodcle CHICHIN 40+2. M. VF.
    Rodcle CHICHIN 40+2. M. VF.

    RODCLE CHICHIN 40+2. M.VF. Canyon technical backpack from the Technical pack range.

    Great capacity to be able to carry all the necessary material in the most demanding canyons.
    The main compartment has a wide entrance, in this…

    € 179,95 € 159,95
  • Rodcle CHICHIN 40+2. M.VI.
    Rodcle CHICHIN 40+2. M.VI.

    RODCLE CHICHIN 40+2. M.VI. The Chichin is a technical backpack from the Canyon Girl range.

    This backpack has an anatomical design specifically created for women, i.e. the shoulder straps of the pack are placed slightly closer…

    € 179,95 € 159,95
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