Double pulley without break

  Double pulleys / pulleys are used to make multiple hoists for outdoor activities, so that you need to exert less force.

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  • NEW 2021

    Petzl SPIN L2
    Petzl SPIN L2

    Highly efficient double pulley with swivel. Maximum simplicity when setting up transport systems or tyroleans for working at heights/rescue operations. Rotatable and additional attachment point allows the use of rope/slings.

    € 168,00
  • Petzl JAG
    Petzl JAG

    Is a double pulley with high efficiency without backstop.
    In combination with the Petzl Jag Traxion, a 4:1 hoist system can be made quite easily. Block discs are mounted on a watertight ball bearing. Rope 8-11mm.

    € 70,00 € 64,95
  • Petzl Gemini
    Petzl Gemini

    Is a double prusik pulley with an efficiency. The flanks have been modified so that you can use a prusik knot if you use a backstop. locking disc is mounted on a watertight ball bearing. Rope 7- 11mm.

    € 100,00 € 92,95
  • CT UP Roll
    CT UP Roll

    Is a double pulley, for creating a self-locking rescue winch in combination with the CT UP LOCK (pulley). Side plates and pulleys made of anodized light metal. Pulleys mounted on ball bearings; rope/cable 8-11mm.

    € 62,95
  • Rock Exotica Machined Rescue Pulley Double
    Rock Exotica Machined Rescue Pulley Double

    Machined double rescue pulley. Lightweight pulley with low drag factor and high breaking strength. Individual serial number. Aluminum alloy 7075. Machined from 1 solid piece of aluminum. Max rope diameter: 13 mm.

    € 125,40


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