Double pulley without break

  Double pulleys / pulleys are used to make multiple hoists for outdoor activities, so that you need to exert less force.

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  • NEW 2021

    Petzl SPIN L2
    Petzl SPIN L2

    PETZL SPIN L2 Very high efficiency double pulley with swivelOpenable even when attached to the anchor, the SPIN L2 is a double pulley designed for maximum simplicity when setting up hauling systems or tyroleans. The two…

    € 145,20
  • Petzl JAG
    Petzl JAG

    PETZL JAG Designed for use with the JAG TRAXION double progress capture pulley to make a 4:1 haul system.
    Sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings for excellent efficiencySpecifications

    ∙ Weight: 120 g
    ∙ Certification(s): CE…

    € 60,50 € 54,95
  • Petzl Gemini
    Petzl Gemini

    PETZL GEMINI The Gemini is a double prusik pulley with high efficiency. The flanks are adjusted so that you can use a prusik button if you are using a backstop.

    The specific flanks of these light prusik pulley are adapted for the…

    € 77,37 € 69,50
  • CT UP Roll
    CT UP Roll

    Climbing Technology (CT) UP Roll is a double pulley, designed for the creation of an auto-blocking rescue winch in combination with the CT UP LOCK pulley.

    Main characteristics:

    ∙ Anodized light alloy side plates and…

    € 54,95
  • Rock Exotica Machined Rescue Pulley Double
    Rock Exotica Machined Rescue Pulley Double

    ROCK EXOTICA MACHINED RESCUE PULLEY DOUBLE The machine pulley is milled from a block of 7075 aluminum so that we can remove material where it is not needed and leave the rest. The pulley shaft is machined as part of the side…

    € 95,00
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