Instruction books, technical manuals, technical manuals, training and textbooks, first aid and improvised rescue, outdoor rope rescue for cavers and canyoneers, ice climbing and Camping Bivouac skills for expeditions, in the English language, are included in CanyonZone's database.

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  • Canyoning in the Pacific Northwest: A Technical Resource
    Canyoning in the Pacific Northwest: A Technical Resource

    The manual is a technical reference for recreational canyoning at average level; One that is tailored to the Pacific Northwest. Topics including: planning, best practices, the right equipment, anchors, rigging systems.

    € 47,95
  • Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine
    Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine

    Is written by doctors with a wealth of experience and deals with the basic principles of first aid in the wilderness and medicines. Essential for expeditions: mountaineers, mountain walkers and other outdoor athletes.

    € 18,95
  • Professional Handbook Canyoning - English edition
    Professional Handbook Canyoning - English edition

    Manual written for commercial guides. In addition to a reference for training, the pedagogical content and illustrations describe the essential topics for safe practicing canyoning, knowing and being able to do it.

    € 32,95
  • Canyoning Guide Manual
    Canyoning Guide Manual

    The most important goal is to present specific principles, concepts and techniques with regard to sport by transferring a philosophy about the correct state of mind and approach to this sport. For Canyon guides.

    € 25,00
  • Rope Rescue & Rigging Guide (Field Guide) - Third Edition
    Rope Rescue & Rigging Guide (Field Guide) - Third Edition

    Is intended for rescue workers who work in the hinterland, remote areas and off-road situations. In places where we have to wear the equipment at some distance and then perform at a high level. Various innovations.

    € 39,95
  • Deaths and rescues in Zion Natiolal Park (2nd edition)
    Deaths and rescues in Zion Natiolal Park (2nd edition)

    Includes new heartbreaking stories such as the seven canyoneers in 2015 who all died in a flash flood in Keyhole Canyon, two BASE jumping deaths, flood casualties in the Narrows.

    € 24,95

    This book tells the story of the group's tragic adventure and explores the claims lawsuit against the National Park Service and the Washington County Water Conservancy District. Question: Who was to blame?

    € 27,99
  • NOT available anymore

    Vector Forces Guide
    Vector Forces Guide

    Improves the safe and efficient engineering of temporary rigging systems by increasing your knowledge about which forces are applied. Uses system methodology, including anchor, direction and slope forces.

    € 12,95
  • Outdoor and Mountain Medicine
    Outdoor and Mountain Medicine

    Is a detailed reference for anyone who travels in the mountains and wants to learn more about medicine and outdoor health. In addition to first aid and improvised rescue, numerous practical tips are given.

    € 43,95
  • SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual
    SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual

    Do-it-yourself Rescue! Spar is a philosophy of self -reliance of a small group, prevention of accidents, decision -making and problem solving on the basis of critical thinking. 600 pages, full color, spiral -bound.

    € 85,00 € 79,95
  • Alpine Caving Techniques
    Alpine Caving Techniques

    Non-fiction speleology, rescue and vertical techniques manual. Although it emphasizes vertical speleology and rigging practices, it also offers new and in -depth insights into other aspects of the cave exploration.

    € 48,95

    The Art of Ice Climbing
    The Art of Ice Climbing

    THE ART OF ICE CLIMBING You might think, what an odd man out in this book collection. This book describes ICE from a 360 ° point of view. Introduction is written by ice climbing guru Jeff Lowe. A Must Have if you want to know all…

    € 44,95
  • Back on Stock

    Canyoning Technical Manual
    Canyoning Technical Manual

    An essential canyoning technical manual for the aquatic canyons that describes the practice of canyoning. This manual is very useful for recreational canyoneers, especially those from other disciplines.

    € 39,95
  • Cave Rescuer's Manual
    Cave Rescuer's Manual

    Combination of knowledge, research and experience of the French Speleo Secours (Cave Department Service) in the field of underground rescue operations. 100 pages and 110 technical illustrations required for evacuation of a victim.

    € 24,95
  • Caving Technical Guide
    Caving Technical Guide

    Federation Francaise de Ecole Francaise de Speleology and caving for safe caving. The book gives a good overview of the practice of caving and shows a selection of techniques with which almost all situations are manageable.

    € 32,95
  • The Book of the Bivvy
    The Book of the Bivvy

    A guide for camping bivouac skills and expeditions. is a half-to-half mix of how to do it and why to do it (or better how not to do it, and why not to do it). Discusses expeditions interspersed with practical chapters.

    € 13,99


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