The Art of Ice Climbing

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The Art of Ice Climbing

 You might think, what an odd man out in this book collection. This book describes ICE from a 360 ° point of view. Introduction is written by ice climbing guru Jeff Lowe. A Must Have if you want to know all about ice and ice climbing, but also perfect if you want to get serious about ice-canyoning / ice canyoning business in the winter.

This book presents ice climbing from the early alpine ascents to the practice of dry tooling, developing on the history, the equipment, and the techniques.

Part instruction manual and part coffee table volume, it will be useful to beginners and experts alike as it details the subject from the basics to an advanced level.

It covers the major topics of History, Ice, Equipment, Climbing Techniques, Safety, all broken down into small sub sections, some, such as those on sharpening axes, crampons and ice screws) going into considerable detail. Interspersed with this are short articles from such luminaries as Lüdger Simond, Mark Twight, Ueli Steck and Tim Emmett.

It goes beyond these aspects by offering for the first time a method of reducing the risk, the “check and go,” which includes an analysis of the different ice structures.

From a pedagogic perspective, it answers many questions of beginners as well as experts, but also instructors of this activity, clubs and communities.

The book includes testimonies and pictures of international climbers who are the reference of this field.


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