Pre-ordering 2025

 Some items from our range are equipped with a red sticker "pre-order". On the other hand it can also happen that a specific measure "Pre-order" state indicated thereon.

Pre-ordering in brief description

Pre-order sticker NL

Pre-ordering (order ahead):

1. The newest collections as first 

2. Easy qualify for free order contribution

3. Always free backlog of pre-order items

4. Money Back Guarantee

Below we explain more fully what pre-ordering is and what the benefits are.

What is pre-ordering?

Pre-ordering is to order ahead of a particular item. A pre-order item can not be delivered from stock at the moment, but will be in the foreseeable future (again) be in stock. Usually come pre-order items within 90-120 days (back) stock.

What are the benefits of pre-ordering?

By pre-ordering, you have the new arrivals as first. New supplies are first assigned to already registered pre-order order.

Additionally you pay only once the order contribution in order partly of stock- and pre-order items exists. The subsequent delivery of the pre-order items is indeed always free.

When will my order ship?

Where you usually have to wait with other online shops until your entire order is in stock before delivery is unique to our pre-order ordering that we allow partial deliveries. If represents the combined value of the pre-order items less than 50% of the total order value, you will immediately place of delivery of the ordered articles have in stock. Once all pre-order items (back) are in stock, following a redirection of the remaining articles. At this redirection are no additional costs (eg shipping) connected.

When the value of the pre-order items in an order represents more than 50% of the total order value, the entire order is left in back-order. This means that all items are sent simultaneously once all articles (back) are in stock.

Money Back Guarantee

Although we are very careful in designating Pre-order products, there is a small chance that a pre-order item can not be redelivered. In that case will always reimbursement, without deduction of the costs incurred, move on.

The expected delivery times are not legally binding.

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