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 A tool bag for canyoning and caving is often very desirable if you are going to go on unbeaten roads or if maintenance has to be carried out on existing routes. A tool bag to store your spit kit items and anchoring material must be sufficiently large and strong / wear-resistant and easy to carry. CanyonZone has tool bags of various sizes in its range for this purpose. There are also protective equipment for the larger tools, a drill, available, see: Battery Drills & Accessory
For more specific bags that are suitable for your caving trips see: Caving Bags & BackPacks.

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  • Alp Design Armando
    Alp Design Armando

    Bag for carrying spit equipment. Contains cartridge for ten mm 8 spit inside pocket. Height: cm 33 weight: g 240

    € 39,90
  • Alp Design Armando Forre
    Alp Design Armando Forre

    Canyoning bag for equipment. Internal pocket and cartridge case for 10 spits. String on the sides and at the bottom for water discharge. Inside pocket. Height: cm 33. Weight: g 208.

    € 44,95
  • Alp Design Borsetto
    Alp Design Borsetto

    For topography or for transporting small items. Safety flap closure. Size: cm 18x4 - height: cm 23 - weight: 100g.

    € 18,95
  • Alp Design Cartucciera
    Alp Design Cartucciera

    Cartridge 10 pieces 8mm striker including scones. Release to stop in a bag or barrel or as a substitute at the Armando and Armando Forre of Alp Design.

    € 16,90
  • AV Explobag
    AV Explobag

    Rectangular caving bag in PVC 1000 dtex 700g/m². Used for carrying plugs, hammer and hand drill. Closure by both Self grip and clip fastener. Internal accommodation for hammer handle. Pocket for cones.

    € 37,95
  • Gear Perspective Guide Pouch
    Gear Perspective Guide Pouch

    GUIDE POUCH originally designed as rescue pouches. They come in three colors and can be used as anchor building kits, first aid kits, bolt kits, pull cord pouch and so much more! Big exterior pocket, knife pocket, slide pocket.

    € 75,00
  • MTDE Minikit
    MTDE Minikit

    Multipurpose belt bag designed with an inside pocket with Velcro closure to transport small accessories. Bottom: Rounded to limit wear during repeated friction. Closure: sail eyelets, ropes and blocker. Color: orange.

    € 16,95
  • MTDE Spikit bag
    MTDE Spikit bag

    Perhaps the best of its kind. Neat, made to store the hammer, hand drill, cones and anchor plates, drill bits and much more. Hang it on the Garma chest harness for a really user-friendly setup.

    € 19,95
  • Petzl Interfast
    Petzl Interfast

    An accessory that allows you to connect a tool bag and a fall prevention lanyard. Is versatile and compatible with any harness with slots. Fast and compact connection accessory. Weight: 55g.

    € 12,00
  • Petzl BoltBag
    Petzl BoltBag

    Storage bag for route builders. Two pockets with Velcro closure. A pouch with belt and buckle. Large pocket closes with a flap and quick buckle, Small inner pocket, external holster for a hammer and compartments for bits. On belt.

    € 29,50
  • Petzl Toolbag
    Petzl Toolbag

    Tool pouch for Spitkit. The TOOLBAG tool bag allows the user to organize his/her tools during hanging work. Bag for a spit kit. The pouch can be easily attached to any type of harness. Available in three sizes.

    € 22,50
  • Rodcle Atraction
    Rodcle Atraction

    Small pack for carrying nuts and cones for drill-bolts with powerful magnet.To 10 items. Installation gear bag with a high force magnet to prevent loss of installation bolts. Main body constructed in Polyester AT 1100 Dtex fabr

    € 14,75
  • New at CanyonZone

    Rodcle Barraca II
    Rodcle Barraca II

    The external support for the hammer. A second system of closure of the mouth by means of tape that allows to limit the opening of the mouth. It has drainage and loops at different heights for attachment.

    € 32,50
  • NEW

    Rodcle Compacta
    Rodcle Compacta

    Spitkit bag for extensive installation for use in caving and canyoning. Has hidden seams, internal mesh pocket, drain holes, opening of a large diameter and made in very strong materials. Weight: 210g.

    € 34,95
  • BEAL Genius Tool Bucket
    BEAL Genius Tool Bucket

    Is a 20 liter waterproof bag, made with a clever 'turn and fold' feature to reduce size for storage. With lifting loop and adjustable carrying strap. Sturdy carrying handle, minimum breaking force of 100 kg. Weight: 830g.

    € 74,00 € 67,50


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