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Spitkit basic and advanced

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Spitkit basic and advanced

  For the Spitkits, I will use a basic set with extension to advanced Indicated in bold blue.
Alternatives are also indicated. Price indication € 285 - € 350 for a basic set
In view of the alternatives and possible compositions, I request your wishes to email.

How muchDescription
1Alp Design Armando Forre, Spit kit bag, yellow
alternative Petzl Bolt bag, yellow
alternative CZ Bolting Gear Bag SRT, orange black
1Petzl Tam Tam, hammer
alternative Raumer Action, hammer
alternative Kong Speleagle
1Petzl Perfo Spe, hand drill
alternative 1: Petzl Rocpec met Petzl Rocpec Adp
alternative 2: Raumer Strocker met Raumer  Point Bit 12 X 31 of Point Bit 12 X 45
10Raumer TAP - (Ø12x31) M8 Autoforeuse, Self-drilling expansion bolt anchor
3Petzl Coudée, curved hook
3Petzl Vrillée, curved hook
6Maillon Rapide 8mm
2Maillon Rapide 7mm GO
1CT Blade piton 7cm
1CT Blade piton 8,5cm
1CT Blade piton 10cm
1Blue Ice Universal Piton
1Petzl V Conique, 11cm
2Black Diamond Stopper #6 en #9 (Not yet online)
1WGB Wrench
1AustriAlpin cleaning brush drill holes NEW MODEL
1CZ Blowline (Not yet online)
1CZ Chisel
516mm strap sling of the role, Sacrificial material


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