Rope Accessories

 Wide range of rope accessories for canyoning and caving ropes consists of different products to make use, maintenance and labeling of your rope even easier. Lots of rope can order tailor-made at CanyonZone, according to your desired length. We have cutting equipment to protect the ends from fraying.
The products are of high quality, so you can use them for a long time and with pleasure. CanyonZone is happy to advise you and deliver your accessories quickly. We guarantee excellent service and quality.

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  • Beal NFC Chip
    Beal NFC Chip

    BEAL NFC CHIP NFC (Near Field Connection) is a new standard in the field of RFID chips, ultra compact and flat and compatible with most smartphones of the new generation. If you hold your smartphone close to the NFC chip, you get…

    € 29,95
  • Beal Pinch
    Beal Pinch

    BEAL PINCH Solid red rubber to fix a carabiner to a lanyard, rope or sling. Also protects against abrasion along the rock.

    € 1,10
  • BEAL Rope & Harness Cleaner
    BEAL Rope & Harness Cleaner

    BEAL ROPE & HARNESS CLEANER BEAL Rope & Harness Cleaner is a neutral detergent on a natural basis for belts, harnesses and ropes with easy to clean.

    ∙ Contents: 1 liter
    ∙ not aggressive
    ∙ For hand (preferred) and machine…

    € 15,95
  • Beal Rope Brush
    Beal Rope Brush

    BEAL ROPE BRUSH Brush especially for the cleaning of ropes. The Edelweiss Rope Brush easily adapts to different diameters ropes.Instructions:

    ∙ Slide the brush over the rope and hold it under water.
    ∙ Pull, while the rope and…

    € 18,95 € 16,50
  • Beal Rope End kit
    Beal Rope End kit

    BEAL ROPE END KIT BEAL SHRINKAGE Mark the end of your ropes. This way you can recognize your own ropes and if necessary keep a log of the ropes. This Rope end kit consists of 50 writable labels and 50 pieces of transparent heat…

    € 10,95
  • Beal Rope End Kit XL
    Beal Rope End Kit XL

    BEAL ROPE END KIT XL Marking Ticket Kit XLMark the end of your ropes. This Rope End Kit consists of 25 labels and 25 pieces of transparent heat shrink tubing to allow you to replace old rope ends and more importantly to achieve…

    € 23,95
  • Beal Rope Marker
    Beal Rope Marker

    BEAL ROPE MARKER The Beal Rope Marker has developed a special ink for marking climbing ropes. There are namely climbing ropes where the manufacturer does not place a center mark on it while there is a demand for it. With the Beal…

    € 13,95 € 12,50
  • Beal Rope Tape - 10m
    Beal Rope Tape - 10m

    BEAL ROPE TAPE - 10M Tape for marking ends of rope

    • Tape for rope
    • Length: 10 meter

    € 10,80 € 8,99
  • CT Fixit L - Rubber Fastener
    CT Fixit L - Rubber Fastener

    CT FIXIT L - RUBBER FASTENER New innovative shaped rubber fastener for quickdraw slings (patent pending). It secures the lower carabiner of the quickdraw to the sling, preventing the accidental rotation and keeps it on the axis.…

    € 1,00
  • Edelrid Antitwist
    Edelrid Antitwist

    EDELRID ANTITWIST The antitwist holds the carabiner in position. Twisted carabiners are now a thing of the past.
    Available for 8, 11 and 16 mm express slings.

    € 0,95
  • Edelrid Grip Tape 2m
    Edelrid Grip Tape 2m

    EDELRID GRIP TAPE 2M Vulcanising 25 mm wide tape for optimum grip.

    ∙ Weight: 65 g
    ∙ Color: Black

    € 7,00
  • Edelweiss Swivel WR
    Edelweiss Swivel WR

    EDELWEISS SWIVEL WR Compact and lightweight aluminum swivel.

    This compact anti-torque switching of Edelweiss prevents twisting of the rope when the load starts to rotate.
    Perfect the major verticals canyoning!Specifications


    € 39,95 € 26,95
  • Heat Shrink 8mm to 12mm / 10cm
    Heat Shrink 8mm to 12mm / 10cm

    HEAT SHRINK 8MM TO 12MM / 10CM The Heat Shrink is a translucent plastic shell to note ropes.
    Suitable for ropes from 8 to 12 mm. 10cm is sufficient to mark a single rope.This transparent shrink wrap or sheath serves to protect the…

    € 0,79
  • Korda Rope End kit
    Korda Rope End kit

    KORDA ROPE END KIT Mark the end of your ropes so that the ropes are recognizable and traceable. The kit consists of 30 labels and 30 pieces of shrink sleeve. Application is simple, with a hair dryer. In addition to use for groups,…

    € 14,95
  • Kordas Marker Pen
    Kordas Marker Pen

    KORDAS MARKER PEN Specific marker pen developed to mark the ropes. Internal analyses guarantee that this ink does not degrade the rope. In colors Red and Black

    € 11,95
  • Petzl Micro Swivel
    Petzl Micro Swivel

    PETZL MICRO SWIVEL The Petzl Micro Swivel is a compact and open anti-torque switching designed for use in combination with a locking carabiner. This switch prevents hitting of the entangled lines live and ensures a proper…

    € 48,40 € 42,95
  • Petzl Porto
    Petzl Porto

    PETZL PORTO This product is ideal if you want to work organized!

    This material carrier is designed to attach to the inner ring of a material bag. This allows you to store everything better and work more clearly.

    The weight of…

    € 12,10
  • Petzl Ring L
    Petzl Ring L

    PETZL RING L Ferrule

    The RING connecting ring is designed for direct installation on tree surgeon belts, but it is also good for canyoning used in combination with a ring S or maillon to create a pull through anchor point of a…

    € 11,50
  • Petzl Ring Open
    Petzl Ring Open

    PETZL RING OPEN Multi-directional gated ring The RING OPEN gated ring is designed for semi-permanent connection of equipment on the harness (lanyard for example). Its round shape ensures optimal functioning in all directions. It…

    € 17,30
  • Petzl Ring S
    Petzl Ring S

    PETZL RING S This small ring directly install on a winding to make in conjunction with a maillon rapide a recoverable anchor point.


    ∙ Breaking strength: 23 kN
    ∙ Certification(s): CE
    ∙ Material(s):…

    € 10,70
  • Petzl String
    Petzl String

    PETZL STRING The Petzl String is a plastic protector specifically designed to hold the karabiner in place and protects the band loop against friction. Available in four widths.

    ∙ Sold individually, discount from 10 pieces

    € 0,95
  • Petzl String (model 2019)
    Petzl String (model 2019)

    PETZL STRING (MODEL 2019) Quickdraw sling protector that also maintains the orientation of the carabiner

    The STRING serves two functions: it maintains the orientation of the carabiner on the rope end of a quickdraw, and it…

    € 1,00 € 0,95
  • Petzl SWIVEL L
    Petzl SWIVEL L

    PETZL SWIVEL​ L Ball bearing swivelDesigned for two-person loads, up to three connectors can be attached in the ends. Positioned between the rope and the load, the swivel allows the load to turn without twisting the…

    € 71,39 € 56,95
  • New

    Petzl Swivel Open
    Petzl Swivel Open

    PETZL SWIVEL OPEN This gated swivel with large opening is easy to make a wide selection Petzl products such as pulleys, leefijnen and even canyon- and speleogordels.
    It ensures that the problem of twisted ropes and lanyards no…

    € 68,85 € 66,95
  • Petzl SWIVEL S
    Petzl SWIVEL S

    PETZL SWIVEL​ SBall bearing swivelPositioned between the rope and the load, the swivel allows the load to turn without twisting the rope.

    Thanks to the design without bearing, this anti-torsion link turns free when it is not…

    € 59,29 € 52,50
  • Petzl Tanga
    Petzl Tanga

    PETZL TANGA Petzl Tanga is a rubber ring for positioning carabiners.

    This ring, for example, ensures that a pulley is not more from sliding when it is installed on a carabiner.

    ∙ Weight: 5 grams
    ∙ Packed per 10
    ∙ Sold…

    € 1,50
  • Tendon Ropemarker
    Tendon Ropemarker

    TENDON ROPEMARKER A simple and convenient means of marking ropes - both mid and a few meters from the ends of the rope. Marking with the rope marking simplifies the handling of the rope and increases safety. The chemical…

    € 6,95


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