Canyoning in the Pacific Northwest: A Technical Resource

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Canyoning in the Pacific Northwest: A Technical Resource

  Author: Kevin Clark

Canyoning (or canyoneering) is the sport of exploring canyons using a variety of techniques such as scrambling, climbing, wading, swimming, and rappelling. The term is most often used to describe the descent of technical canyons requiring ropes, harnesses, and other specialized gear. Like mountain peaks, canyons are extremely diverse and vary widely in level of difficulty. Dry canyons are generally easier in terms of rigging and preparation compared to those with flowing water. The more water that's present, the more difficult the canyon. This manual is a technical reference for intermediate-level recreational canyoning; one that's tailored to the Pacific Northwest. Note: Pacific Northwest (PNW), sometimes referred to as Cascadia, is a geographic region in western North America.
Topics include: planning, best practices, proper gear, anchors, rigging systems, pitch management, and on-rope skills. The focus is on local aquatic canyons (i.e., those rated Class C under the ACA canyon rating system) with an emphasis on rigging for rescue. This reference material is intended to complement instruction and training.


  • Content: 342 pages
  • Publisher: Kevin Clark
  • Publication Date: May 9th, 2021


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