Canyonisme : manuel technique

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Canyonisme: manuel technique

 Author(s): Collective work of the Canyons of the Committees FFS and FFME - 2007
New 2007 edition.

A team of specialists Canyon FFS Commission and officially codified FFME exploring canyons.

This technical manual is for practitioners seeking autonomy in their outings. This book, of course, deals with the techniques specific to canyoning (progress in vertical and aquatic environments), but also gives an overview of the organization of the activity, the specificity of the natural environment, etc... A DVD that accompanies the book appended, deals with the specific notions of water movement management.
A work, embellished with countless photographs, essential for the individual practitioner.

  • Comes with a DVD on the techniques of whitewater swimming ..
  • 360 pages + 1 DVD.
  • ESSENTIAL! 397 pages + CD-ROM on whitewater.
  • Summaries, pub, photo, library, thanks: 26 pages.
  • The canyon and the organization 40 pages.
  • Sites practices and the environment: 26 pages
  • Canyon and health: 18 pages
  • Sites and practices canyoning: 48 pages
  • The evolution techniques in urban vertical: 170 pages
  • Technical assistance: 26 pages
  • Technical changes in the aquatic environment: 30 pages.
  • Management coaching: 13 pages.


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