Betastick Evo Ultra long

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Betastick Evo Ultra long

  Handy clip stick as a climbing telescope. This is a new and improved BetaStick Evo with a more durable design.

The BetaStick is used for sport climbing, with which you can clip climbing sets into anchor points on the ground or attach a brush to the Betastick so that you can prepare the wall or rock for a climb.

Various options
All beta sticks are suitable for clipping the first set from the ground or even the 2nd set with the Ultralong.
The Climb version is made to take with you onto the wall. With all beta sticks it is possible to remove a set from the wall.

See also: Ultra Compact: 55 - 238cm

  • Ultra Long: The ultimate travel clip stick with a range of 113 cm to 648 cm. The long variant requires some practice when it is fully extended.
  • Capacity for cutting lasso and removing quickdraw
  • Integrated hook function for retrieving rope
  • New post design to prevent spinning with secure locking mechanisms and a stiffer, more durable build quality
  • A dual position spring to hold the carabiners firmly, optimize gate opening and release smoothly
  • Compatible with a wide range of snap-gate carabiners - both solid and wire gates
  • An ergonomically angled head to easily access bolt hangers in difficult clipping situations
  • Clips to harness for 'bolt-to-bolting'
  • Weight: 985g
  • Material: plastic, aluminum
  • Delivery: 1 clip stick
  • Range: 113cm to 648cm.


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