CT Tricky

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CT Tricky

 Climbing Technology (CT)​ Tricky is a long reach tool - not only for climbers but also usefull for canyoneers :) Maybe you had it already in some canyons, you just can't reach easily the rappel anchorpoint with dabger of falling. You arms are just to short to clip your cowstail or just even a carabiner in...

With the CT Tricky you easily can reach the higher anchorpoints safely

System consisting of NIMBLE TRICKY carabiner, semi-rigid 35 cm long polyamide sling and FIXIT rubber.

TRICKY is a useful device that allows the carabiner to be easily clipped into a far piece of protection, otherwise out of reach.
Thanks to a long sling and to the TRICKY LEVER system, fully integrated in the body of the carabiner, the device makes it possible to clip into far placements. The lever of the carabiner is kept open and is automatically released when the system is pulled downward.
The loop featuring at the bottom of the sling allows for easy grabbing of the system while A0-ing.

Thanks to its flexible sling, TRICKY can be comfortably carried on the harness: the length of the system can be halved and its hanging bulk reduced.

Caution! TRICKY system is not a quickdraw for progression. Instead, it is a useful device for aid climbing: to progress beyond the anchor it must be replaced with a quickdraw for progression.

  • Total length: 35cm
  • Weight: 90 gram
  • Strength: 22 kN


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