Petzl Grigri plus

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Petzl Grigri Plus

 A semi-automatic belay device with brake assist, equipped with an anti-panic function and two positions.

 The Petzl GriGri + is Petzl's long-awaited new safety device and is offered in addition to the very common GriGri2. The GriGri + has two new functionalities in addition to the same pleasant working functions that the GriGri2 is known for:

  • Anti-panic function
  • Switch mode between Toprope and Pre-climbing
  • At the moment the climber makes a sudden fall and that the surgeon opens the handle full of panic, the GriGri + immediately blocks. This is the anti-panic function and the climber will safely come to a standstill. In addition, it turned out that the GriGri2 sometimes blocked too easily at the time when the rope was spent too quickly during the pre-climb. There is now a new functionality for this. You can switch between topropes a pre-climb, where the GriGri + allows a piece of smoother rope to pass through when climbing and has the same rope permeability as the GriGri2 during the toprope.
  • Certificate: CE EN 15151
  • Materials: aluminum side plates, stainless steel friction and wear plate, reinforced nylon handle
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • 3-year Petzl factory warranty
  • Suitable for girth diameters from 8.9 to 11 mm (ideal area: 8.9 - 10.5 mm)

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Pros and cons:

  • Very controlled descent through the compact handle that ensures a smooth transition during the release of the rope
  • Provides extra security with the anti-panic function.
  • Choice of two user modes; Pre-climb and Top-Rope Belay stand.
  • After activating the anti-panic function it is possible to pull the lever and continue to descend


  • Brake assistance               Yes
  • Type of securing device     Self-locking (with brake assist)
  • Suitable for a confident
    limber                                  Yes
  • Minimum rope diameter      8.5 mm
  • Maximum rope diameter     11 mm
  • Suitable for                          Single rope
  • Provided with anti-panic
    unction                                 Yes
  • Weight                                 200 grams
  • Reference numbers             D13A VI, D13A AG, D13A G


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